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How iHire’s Helping You Search for Jobs During COVID-19

Since the job market has changed completely, many people are out of work or looking for ways to supplement their income. At the same time, fewer companies are hiring due to health concerns and a suffering economy – that means that competition for jobs is steep. It’s our mission as a candidate-focused career platform to connect job seekers with employment no matter the state of the economy or the unique challenges our world is facing.

That’s why we’ve been working to develop new job search tools and improve current products to help candidates who are job searching during COVID-19. If you’re wondering how to find a part-time job, what you can do to boost your chances of landing a job, or where to find remote work, check out these iHire features.


Receive email alerts for part-time and gig jobs.

We’ve received a lot of questions from candidates asking how to find a part-time job on iHire. In response, we created a job alert email specifically for part-time, gig, temporary, and contract opportunities.


Gig and Part-Time Job Alert


When you sign up to receive the part-time job alert, we’ll email you jobs that match your skills from across the iHire network so that you can get hired as soon as possible. Each job will be tagged with an employment type (like part-time, seasonal, or contract) to make it easier for you to pinpoint the kind of jobs you’re looking for.

To start receiving these emails, go to your email preference center and opt in to Gig & Part-Time Job Alerts. You’ll get your first alert the following day.


Email Preference Center - Opt in to Gig and Part-Time Job Alert



Reach out directly to employers.

We’ve developed a new job search feature that allows you to join talent networks of companies you’re interested in so that you can get your foot in the door (even when they don’t have a job posted that matches your skills). When you join a talent network, you’ll have the opportunity to engage recruiters directly to learn more about the organization and be the first to know about new job openings.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the “Join Our Talent Network” button on the company’s profile.
  2. Submit your desired job title and a brief message to the employer.
  3. Keep tabs on the company’s open positions through your Job Tracker.

Once you join a talent network, the employer will be able to view your candidate profile, resume, and contact information. That way, they can reach out to you directly or add you to their list of potential applicants for future positions.


iHire Company Profile


If you’re interested in being proactive about your job search, look for organizations on iHire that have company profiles. Here’s where you can find them:


1. Your dashboard and job search pages – Look for these banners and click “Learn More” to view their company profile and join their talent network.


Company Profile Banner


2. Job ads – If an organization has an iHire profile, you’ll see a “Company Profile” tab located on all of their job postings.


Company profile on iHire job ad

To manage the list of talent networks you’ve joined, view the “Talent Networks” section in your Job Tracker. From there, you can easily view which organizations have jobs posted and navigate to company profiles.



Find remote work opportunities.

With the pandemic impacting the way we do business, we understand many people job searching during COVID-19 are wondering where to find remote work opportunities. If you’re on the hunt for a work-from-home job, update your Job Preferences. We’ll include remote jobs, identified with a “Remote Work” tag, in your dashboard recommendations and job alert emails.


Remote work tags on Job Alert




Get ahead of the competition with a professionally written resume.

Now that businesses are starting to reopen, job seekers all over the country are looking for work. A professionally written resume can help you stand out among other candidates who are job searching during COVID-19 and get past applicant tracking systems that filter resumes by keywords.

To meet growing demand, we’ve hired new members to our experienced team of professional resume writers who are trained and certified to create resumes and cover letters that generate interviews. Their goal is to deliver a professionally written resume that gives you an edge over the competition and helps you land a job faster.


We’re working hard to create opportunities for you to find employment and job security in this uncertain market. For more advice, be sure to check out our toolkit: COVID-19 Job Search & Career Resources. If you have any questions about our job search tools or the iHire platform, please reach out to our Customer Success team at (866) 238-0161. We’re here to help.


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By Sarah Ballow | June 24, 2020
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