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Who We Are

Downtown Frederick, MD
Downtown Frederick, MD

Rapid technological advancements and emerging means of connecting, communicating, and distributing information have forever changed the way people search for employment and the way employers find top talent. Founded in 1999, iHire has been in the thick of this digital job- and talent-search revolution since the search first went “online.”

At iHire, we recognized from the start that niche communities, or websites dedicated to specific professions, are the catalyst for networking among qualified professionals and employers who require their exact skill set. Our communities accelerate our job seekers' and employers' abilities to reach their employment goals by reducing noise and focusing their searches in an industry-specific environment.

For employers, we provide straightforward hiring tools to help fill open positions quickly and cost effectively. We understand that successful recruiting isn't about a lot of resumes; it's about the right resumes. That's why we offer a niche-centric community of candidates and a fast, affordable way to reach them.

What We Do

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Downtown Angola, IN

For job seekers, we use our iMatch classification system to provide a single place to find jobs that are posted all over the internet. We don't just wait for employers to come to us; we also actively collect online job listings from places like small and large business websites, employment classifieds, government databases, industry associations and more.

Additionally, we offer professional services to help job seekers get the job after they have found it. These services include resume writing and formatting. Whether you need a job or need to hire, iHire can help. Our products and services suite includes...

  • Job Postings
  • Resume Search
  • Nationwide Job Listings
Job Seekers
  • Premium Job Access
  • Resume Writing/Formatting

iHire realizes that as technology and digital media change at a rate faster than ever, so does the world of job searching and talent sourcing. With a team of talented, dedicated, and excited people, iHire continues to find new and better ways to connect the right person with the perfect job.