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"iHire did a great job."

Brian - They did a great job

"First class operation. iHire was able to find me a job in my field in 48 hrs. Forgot to mention at double my current salary. Thank You iHire"

Steven - First class operation

"What a great experience working with iHire. Thanks for your help. "

Scott - What a great experience working with I...

"One day and I had a position that I am ecstatic about!"


"I find iHire to be an excellent source of open positions. I like the scoring and the insight on how I might improve my resume to reflect how I do fit the position. Thanks iHire!"

Bryn - IHire is an excellent source of open positions ..

"Excellent service.....keep up the great work."

- Excellent service.....keep up the great…

"I have never used this site before. I came across it while doing a recent job search. Within 3 hrs of applying for a position an interview was scheduled and within a week an offer has been accepted. Thank you iHire!"

Christina - I have never used this site before

"Really great website. The only online job website I've used that actually shows me what I'm looking for."


"I have not landed a job, but the tools on iHire have helped me tailor my resume better to current standards and the quick apply button is great."


"Good service to narrow the search!"

Erin - Good service to narrow the search!

"I inquired about becoming a pharmacy tech trainee this morning and literally by afternoon I had got text with a web site of the latest job I was seeking in my area! Seeing this fast pace connections and networking excites me further, whereas I see it as another world of opportunities. Thanks again iHire"

Nicole - No technical difficulties, all smooth sailin

"Every time I’ve signed up for this service I’ve found employment within one week! Thanks iHire for making the job search so easy!"

Diana - Every time I’ve signed up

"Awesome, just awesome. Quick, fast and easy to use. I found a job in a week."

Jeremiah - Amazing it works like magic

" Great job listings , Job description, and love that iScore! Understanding my weakness and what I need to work on to prepare me for the next time I look for the same type of work. "

Kenneth - Great job listings

"Thanks to iHireDental for helping me find a new job so quickly."

Emily - New Job

"Go to this site if you are looking for a sales job."

Jeff - Go to this site if you are looking for

"Very easy to use. Streamlined the application process."

Robyn - Very easy to use

"Thank you so much for the help in finding my new job!!! I excepted an offer and start tomorrow! It’s perfect for me and my family!!!!"

- Thank you so much for the help in…

"I have been looking for a job in the Portland Maine area, and although I had several interviews through other avenues , it was iHireLandscaping that I got that particular job... I was able to see the full ad and I was able to call the property manager. Within two weeks a review of my resume and a personal interview I was offered the job. In my opinion it works!"

Lynne - I have been looking for a job in the…

"Thank you for this well run professional site to review jobs. This site actually targets the type of jobs that most people qualify for and is easy to maneuver through. In advance, thank you for the opportunities!"

George - iHire, a well run professional site to review jobs

"Very easy to apply for jobs and"

Dina - Very easy to apply for jobs and I…

"Very helpful in locating and retaining a great job opportunity!"


"Honestly, the best website job search. You guys were amazing and I'm so grateful ! Thank you all!"

Lb - Best HR Website

"The technology behind this function; such as the search engine, far exceeds what I've seen on the other job sites. They are responsive and very helpful."

Beckie - Great job iHire!