Work at iHire
Our Culture

At iHire, we understand that our employees are our greatest asset; therefore, recruiting and retaining the best possible people is a primary goal. We value passion, ability, enthusiasm, and dedication. And, we provide an environment where the best employees can thrive.

Our employees are given the autonomy to do their jobs – no one is counting hours – the focus is upon the results and outcomes associated with each employee's objectives. Need to leave the office at 2:00 for a doctor's appointment? Cable guy coming to the house so you need to work at home for the day? We understand that life happens and allow our employees the freedom to be adults.

Our core values are foundational to everything we do at iHire and guide each of us every day. They afford us a culture of innovation, creativity, professional growth, and fun. There is always a place for new ideas and we are continuously thinking of new ways that our technologies can enhance how we do business. These behaviors make us unique and are so essential to the success of iHire that we expect every employee to demonstrate them:

Growth Focused

We are focused upon continuous improvement -- of ourselves and the processes for which we are accountable. We expand our expertise through learning and apply those learnings to our roles.


We are open, honest, and proactive in communication of our activities, goals, and intentions to each other, our customers and other stakeholders.


We are active and connected members of the company and our teams, working together to achieve common goals. Face-to-face when possible, we contribute, listen, process, learn, create, and share information to advance each initiative and achieve success.


We do what we say we will do and proactively communicate if a commitment cannot be met, along with a plan for how and when we will resolve the situation.


We identify new ideas for processes or products that will lead to positive changes and take the initiative to implement the changes.


We give our best effort at all times for the success of our company. We take initiative and do not settle for mediocrity.


We look at challenges from all angles with an emphasis on the possibilities. We propose solutions when identifying problems and actively work toward them with confidence they will be achieved.

Team Building

Outside of work, there are plenty of opportunities for our employees to spend time getting to know their colleagues better. Regular social events, happy hours, holiday celebrations and summer picnics are always on the menu.


There are also opportunities, often initiated by staff, to give back to the community. Clothing and food drives, participation in fundraising walks, and sponsorship of local schools and sports teams are a few of the ways that we volunteer our time and resources.