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Introducing Job Tracker: Your Search’s New BFF

iHire is excited to announce the addition of new job management tools to help our users maximize their time as they search for employment. Beyond simply saving appealing or interesting opportunities, you can now track your applications throughout the entire hiring process and make notes as you progress from applying for a position to interviewing with HR and ultimately receiving an offer.


Know at a glance how many jobs you’re tracking:

iHire Job Tracker Bar


See your total number of jobs saved, applies completed, interviews scheduled, and offers received:

iHire Job Tracker Tally


Easily update the status of saved jobs when you apply, interview, or receive an offer (or, stop tracking jobs if you want):

iHire Job Tracker Job Menu


Add specific notes to each job, such as interviewers’ names, follow-up plans, or offer details:

iHire Job Tracker Notes


iHire’s Job Tracker will improve the way you organize your search for employment. Instead of spending valuable time and energy trying to keep everything straight, professionals of all fields and career levels now have mission control for their job searches. No more updating MS Excel spreadsheets, forgetting to follow up after an interview, or filling out duplicate applications.

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by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
August 26, 2016

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