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5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do From Home

Looking to fill a part-time position without leaving your home? Wondering how to find a remote part-time job? There’s good news — you can. Regardless of your situation, as long as you have the right equipment and mindset, you can find great part-time work from home jobs.

Here’s a list of five trending part-time at home jobs you can do remotely to help you get started on your search.


Remote Part-Time Job #1: Transcriptionist

If you’ve got a knack for typing and are familiar with the basics of English grammar, you can earn money working as a part-time transcriptionist.

  • Role responsibilities: Transcriptionists listen to audio and video recordings and transcribe the spoken words into a written document. In some cases, companies will hire transcriptionists to caption videos.
  • Compensation: Transcriptionists typically earn $0.24 to $0.90 per audio minute, but this amount varies depending on the transcription company. Many companies offer increased pay if you’re able to caption videos or provide foreign language transcription.
  • Where to Search: iHireAdmin, iHireMedicalSecretaries

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Remote Part-Time Job #2: Data Entry Specialist

If you’re a tech-savvy, detail-oriented individual who doesn’t mind working with large amounts of information, you can enjoy a part-time remote career as a data entry specialist.

  • Role responsibilities: Data entry specialists are typically responsible for taking various documents and retyping/formatting them into a company’s software as well as checking data for accuracy.
  • Compensation: The national average pay for a part-time data entry specialist is about $15 per hour. Depending on the jobs you take or the company you work for, your pay could vary. Beware of jobs offering a significantly higher rate, which is often a giveaway that the posted data entry job is a scam.
  • Where to Search: iHireAdmin, iHireCustomerService, iHireAccounting


Remote Part-Time Job #3: Customer Service Representative

One of the most common part-time remote positions available is a customer service role. If you possess good communication skills and a level head, you may find that a remote customer service role is right for you.

  • Role responsibilities: Remote customer service representatives typically answer calls and respond to emails or chats to address customer concerns. In most cases, customer service reps are trained in a specialty area (e.g., technical support, billing support, or sales) so that you can do your job effectively.
  • Compensation: Part-time remote customer service reps typically earn between $9 per hour and up to as high as $20 per hour depending on your location and years of experience.
  • Where to Search: iHireCustomerService

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Remote Part-Time Job #4: Freelancer

If you have a technical skill such as writing, editing, graphic designing, videography, and marketing, for example, you may be able to secure a well-paying part-time remote job as a freelancer.

  • Role responsibilities: Freelancers typically work with various clients who need to have a project completed but don’t necessarily have the means to produce the work in-house. Full responsibilities for freelancers vary by project and client.
  • Compensation: Freelancer compensation varies greatly, but skilled and experienced freelancers can average about $28 per hour.
  • Where to Search: iHireCommercialArt, iHireMarketing


Remote Part-Time Job #5: Virtual Assistant

If you’re detail-oriented and organized, you may be able to earn money working part-time as a virtual assistant.

  • Role responsibilities: Virtual assistants are tasked with performing typical office duties, such as managing emails and scheduling appointments, as well as assisting with social media and entering data.
  • Compensation: Virtual assistants generally earn about $15 per hour on average, with pay varying based on experience and location.
  • Where to Search: iHireAdmin

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Required Equipment for Part-Time Work From Home Jobs

Most of the roles listed above and others like them will require that you have a computer and reliable internet connection. Additionally, you may need a smartphone, a high-quality headset for taking calls, and job-specific software programs. Some or all of these items may be provided by your employer as well.


Searching for Your Perfect Part-Time Role

Finding the right part-time jobs you can do from home doesn’t have to be tricky – we’re here to help. Check out the openings we have across the iHire network to find the job for you.

By iHire | May 19, 2020
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