10 High-Paying Remote Jobs

With more people working from home, the availability of remote jobs is rising. Some at-home careers come with high-paying salaries, making them attractive options.

In our recent What Candidates Want Report, 47.8% of job seekers surveyed said it was “very important” or “important” to find jobs that allow them to work from home. Knowing which remote careers pay well will put you on track to finding the perfect career choice. Here are 10 high-paying remote jobs to consider in your job search:


1. Technical Support Engineer

This position involves helping clients resolve IT issues, troubleshooting, and supporting a company’s infrastructure. Candidates for this role should possess a deep knowledge of operating and network systems. Strong customer service skills and the ability to diagnose technical problems remotely are bonuses.


2. Back-End Software Engineer

A back-end engineer constructs the server software and databases that send power to clients’ systems. People in this position work primarily with software and need to communicate effectively with clients. A software engineer should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and possess proficiency in various programming languages.


3. Medical Director

A medical director is a position held by a physician who is an MD or DO. They are in charge of a healthcare organization’s day-to-day operations and manage company protocols and guidelines. In addition, medical directors oversee clinical staff to ensure everyone aligns with an organization’s policies.


4. Telehealth Nurse

Remote nurses service patients via telemedicine. They can diagnose conditions by talking to the patients about their symptoms and ordering tests. Remote nurses can also prescribe medications. This position is in high demand, especially with the growing need for at-home care. Telehealth nurses require a master’s degree in nursing and carry the appropriate certifications to take a position in this field.


5. Project Manager

Product managers do just what the title implies — they manage new products for companies. Whether they are working with software or consumer packaged goods, product managers coordinate launches and go-to-market efforts. Logistics and strategic decision-making are two important duties for a product manager. Most people in this position have a bachelor’s degree in product design or engineering. Experience in marketing is a plus.



6. UI/UX Designer

This position involves designing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) on computer systems, websites, and other platforms to deliver an optimal experience for the user. The UI/UX designer surveys end users and researches which designs are easiest to navigate. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in communications, psychology, graphic design, or computer science.


7. Accountant

An accountant handles financial documents for individuals and businesses. Their job is especially relevant during tax season, but they can generate steady work year-round by providing financial services and advice to companies. Accountants must have a good sense of numbers, tax law, and analytical thinking.


8. Digital Marketer

Digital marketers maintain a business’ online presence, execute email campaigns to attract and retain customers, and develop marketing strategies that help with search engine optimization (SEO), raise brand awareness, and more. Strong writing skills and creativity are necessary for this position, while many digital marketers possess degrees in marketing, communications, or design.


9. Finance Director

A finance director manages the financial functions of a company. This includes overseeing the finance department, generating reports, developing budgets, and assessing a company’s financial standing. A master’s degree in business administration, finance, or economics is advantageous to landing this job.


10. Sales Consultant

A sales consultant evaluates a company’s sales strategies and techniques and provides constructive feedback for making improvements for growth. Attaining this job requires solid communication and customer service skills, and proven sales experience.


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When seeking one of these top-paying remote jobs, keep in mind that the location of the employer often dictates your wages. In a populous city like New York, for example, a remote job will pay more than one in a smaller, lesser-known city. That said, familiarize yourself with salary negotiation tactics to ensure you earn your worth.

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By iHire | January 24, 2022
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