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iHire's Top Employer Resources of 2019

In 2019, iHire celebrated 20 years of business and worked harder than ever to provide value to our growing audience of job seekers and employers. We posted over 100 articles providing advice for hiring managers, HR professionals, and other business leaders who recruit, hire, or manage employees. To commemorate the year, we’ve rounded up our most popular employer resources and hiring tips for 2019.

You’ll find tips on recruiting employees, advice for employee engagement and retention, and other useful tools. Check out what employers were reading in 2019:


1. 3 Job Offer Templates Every Hiring Manager Needs


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Job offer letters are an important step in the hiring process but can be daunting for some employers – after all, it is a legally binding document. To save you some time, we’ve developed three job offer letter templates that you can download and customize for your own use.


2. 5 Brands Who Have Nailed Their Digital Recruitment Collateral


Job candidate and hiring manager shaking hands before interview


In 2019, the competition for talent got tougher and more employers started looking toward digital recruitment to attract top candidates. Check out these five organizations that have developed strong employer brands and used digital media to stand out among other companies. (Hint: Digital recruitment will be even more important in 2020, so it wouldn’t hurt to get some inspiration for the new year!)


3. How to Avoid Being Ghosted by Candidates: 5 Tips and Tricks


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Ghosting is when a candidate doesn’t show up for their interview, or worse, skips out on their first day of a new job without giving any notice. It’s real, and it’s a growing trend. To avoid being ghosted by candidates, check out these tips for employee engagement and retention (even before they sign on the dotted line).


4. 10 Ways to Create the Best Onboarding Experience for Your New Hire


New employee meeting team members


Onboarding is a key part in setting your employees up for success and engaging your new hires from the beginning. Learn how to create a valuable onboarding experience from the moment you extend the offer to after they’ve settled into their new role.


5. The Structured Situational Interview Explained


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Traditional interviewing is becoming less popular as many employers are making successful hires with alternative methods, like situational interviewing. Learn why situational interviews work and whether they’re right for your organization.


6. How to Use Stay Interviews to Improve Employee Engagement


Boss completing a stay interview with her smiling employee


Since companies are getting savvier about talent management, employee engagement and retention was a hot topic in 2019. And more organizations started introducing stay interviews to their retention strategy. In this 101 article, we covered stay interview benefits, best practices, and sample questions.


7. 10 Best Practices for Recruiting and Retaining Interns


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Hiring interns is a great way to build your talent pipeline and bring some fresh ideas to your organization. And the competition for intern talent is getting tougher. In this article, we provide advice for hiring managers who want to recruit successful interns and develop them into full-time employees.


8. 7 Candidate Experience Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making


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Some of the most popular hiring tips for 2019 were those related to candidate experience. In a tight labor market, the way you treat you candidates during the application process matters. If you want to score top talent this year, follow our tips on recruiting employees and be sure you’re not making these seven candidate experience mistakes.


9. Talent Pipeline Management: 5 Candidate Engagement Ideas


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Since the competition for talent has increased, employers have had to get smarter about the way they recruit employees. That’s why in 2019 hiring managers were eager to learn more about engaging their talent pipeline. If stepping up your recruiting game is on your 2020 resolution list, check out our tips for keeping candidates warm – even when you’re not hiring.


10. Quiz: Test Your Interviewing Knowledge


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Your interviewing method can have a heavy influence on the quality of your hire. Take this quiz to find out how well you know the ins and outs of interviewing candidates. And at the end, download a free copy of our Interview Guide for Employers to brush up on your skills.


Based on our most popular hiring tips for 2019, we can see that employers are searching for ways to enhance their employee engagement and retention, talent pipelining, and recruiting efforts. Throughout the new year, we’ll continue to post expert advice for hiring managers to help you recruit and retain top talent.

By Sarah Ballow, iHire | January 03, 2020