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5 Brands Who Have Nailed Their Digital Recruitment Collateral

Digital recruitment is a tough gig. While finding a job is hard, finding employees is even harder. Making your business stand out against the sea of competition is a full-time job.

If you’re struggling for inspiration for your next digital recruitment campaign, why not take the easy route and copy someone else? Here are five brands who have nailed their digital recruitment collateral that will inspire you today.


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Lyft: a recruitment video with employees at its heart

In a world dominated by ride-sharing apps, Lyft has stiff competition when it comes to recruiting drivers. With so many options for drivers to choose from, Lyft has to go above and beyond to lure them in — and it succeeds.

Lyft places its drivers at the heart of its recruitment drive, as exemplified in the video below:

The clip follows Shanice in her first week as a Lyft driver. She talks about how much fun she had meeting new people, and how satisfying it is helping riders get to their destinations on time.

This is social proof with a difference. Instead of focusing on its happy customers, Lyft lets its happy employees talk about how great working for the service is. It’s engaging, genuine, and an enticing recruitment ad for Lyft.

Takeaway tip: your current employees are the best social proof you have. Place them front and center in your recruitment campaign and share it across your social channels. Rather than using employee quotes on your recruitment collateral, create a compelling video to give it authenticity.


Carrot Creative: a hiring page that delights

Carrot Creative is a digital marketing agency based in Brooklyn (although they also have an LA office). As you might expect from such an agency, it’s a fun and vibrant place to work, and its hiring page exemplifies this perfectly.

screen shot of carrot creative's hiring page

Image Carrot Creative

Bright graphics depict the many benefits available to employees, and the copy is honest but playful: “You will do your best work, and you will work your hardest… and there will be plenty to celebrate.” This emphasizes the Carrot Creative ethos of working hard and playing hard, without scaring off potential recruits.

Takeaway tip: it’s important to strike the right balance on your recruitment page. Yes, you should show that you’re a fun place to work, but work comes first. Highlight the enjoyable aspects of your company culture, but emphasize that this comes with hard work and dedication to the business.


Microsoft: a company culture that we all want to be a part of

Microsoft is one of the most recognizable and renowned brands in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to put 110% into their recruitment.

The multinational tech giant nails its recruitment collateral by acknowledging the thousands of individuals that work for Microsoft. Everyone knows Microsoft as a brand, but fewer know Microsoft as an employer. But we get a glimpse of what life is like working for the tech brand on its Microsoft Life Instagram page.

Check out the brand’s Insta and you’ll find inspiring snaps like the below:

screen shot of a @microsoftlife post on instagram

Image Instagram

Microsoft gives its followers an insight into its company culture, with photos of charity days, CSR events, and everyday office life. Each image depicts a working environment that is vibrant and varied, and one that anyone would want to be a part of.

Takeaway tip: company culture is a powerful recruitment tool. Give potential recruits an insight into what life is like working for your business. Use IGTV to live stream CSR events, and take snapshots of your everyday office life. It highlights the human side of your business, and it is this that will draw in candidates that will stay with you for years to come.


Taco Bell: a social media campaign that inspires

Recruiting for a fast food chain can be difficult. It’s tricky making a retail role look appetizing, and the idea of flipping burgers is often viewed with derision by many.

But Taco Bell flips that presumption on its head with a social media strategy that truly inspires. Its Facebook photo stream is full of photos of smiling employees, celebrating the people that work for Taco Bell.

Further to that, Taco Bell regularly talks about its Live Mas slogan — “live more” — and the work it does to empower both its employees and its customers.

screen shot of a taco bell careers facebook page post

Image Facebook

Taco Bell truly values its employees, and that shines through in its social strategy. Publicly celebrating the people that make up the brand portrays Taco Bell as an employer with heart. Serving burritos for Taco Bell is more than just a job — it’s about community.

Takeaway tip: your social strategy is the ideal place to show your business’s human side. Shine spotlights on your employees and provide insight into your company culture. Social media is ideal for recruitment, so take advantage of all it has to offer.


HubSpot: tooting their own horn in the best way possible

HubSpot knows the value of tooting your own horn when it comes to recruitment, and they toot it with pride. The marketing and sales platform’s recruitment collateral is replete with the awards they’ve received, like the Instagram post below:

screen shot of a hubspot instagram post

Image Instagram

HubSpot proudly shows off their title, and with good reason. Such awards are an independent testimonial of an employer, and an effective driver for recruitment. And by announcing their win on social with a photo of smiling employees, HubSpot created a powerful recruitment ad that is second to none.

Takeaway tip: while the award for Best Place To Work is an enticing prospect for new recruits, it’s not the only thing prospective employees look out for.



Employees want to be proud of where they work. When they tell their friends where they work, people want to say their employer’s name with pride. Show off your industry awards and recognition in your digital recruitment collateral to show prospective employees that when they join your business, they’re joining a thriving brand.

Strong digital recruitment collateral is what sets your business out from the rest when it comes to hiring new employees. Use the brands above as inspiration and create a dynamic recruitment strategy that brings the best and brightest to your door.

By Kayleigh Alexandra, MicroStartups | March 05, 2019