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New Talent Pipelining Feature on iHire Company Profiles

Building a talent pipeline is a smart strategy for any employer who wants to save time in the recruitment process. We’ve added a new feature to company profiles on iHire allowing candidates to share their information with organizations they’re interested in, even if the company isn’t actively hiring for a position that matches their skills. That way, employers can attract and cultivate relationships with talent interested in their organization to fill future positions faster.


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How It Works

On your iHire company profile, we’ve added a button that lets candidates join your talent network. When a candidate clicks the button, they’ll have the option to send a brief message and their desired job title directly to contacts at your company. Organizational Admins on your account will receive an email notification with a link to the candidate’s iHire profile.


Leads tab on iHire candidate management platform


All candidates who have joined your talent network through your company profile will appear in a new “Leads” tab on your “My Candidates” page. From there, you’ll have the option to add qualified candidates to your talent pipeline.


Candidate profile on iHire



How to Get This Benefit

To allow candidates to join your talent network, all you have to do is create a company profile. Your company profile is meant to showcase your unique culture, benefits, and opportunities, so be sure to include as much information as you can and keep it updated.

If you already have a company profile on iHire, then you automatically have access to this benefit. Candidates who view your profile will have the opportunity to send their information to you.


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How to Use This to Your Advantage

1. Create a Robust Company Profile

To attract top talent, use your company profile to highlight what makes your organization a great place to work. Include company benefits, fun photos of your staff, and employee testimonials. Keep in mind that having an active job posting will also bring more candidates to your profile. For extra exposure to job seekers, take the Choice Employer pledge to have your company advertised on high-traffic candidate pages.

2. Pipeline Qualified Candidates

Even if you’re not hiring for a position that matches their skills, be sure to check out each of the candidates that reaches out via your company profile. If you’re interested in their qualifications or think they may be a good fit for a job down the line, save them to your iHire pipeline. That way, you’ll already have a list of potential applicants to reach out to for future positions.

3. Engage Your Talent Pipeline

If you want your pipeline to come in handy in the future, make sure you’re consistently engaging candidates on your list. This could be as simple as inviting them to follow your company on social media or sending them a company newsletter. You may also choose to reach out to learn more about their interests and give them an opportunity to ask questions about your organization. When a job does become available, candidates who you’ve engaged with will be more likely to apply.


This new feature is an easy way to attract candidates and build your talent pipeline without having to put in a ton of legwork. To take advantage of this pipelining feature, create your company profile on iHire.

by: Sarah Ballow
June 24, 2020