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Pipelining 101: How to Build a Talent Pipeline for Smarter, Faster Hiring [Infographic]


Have you ever had a candidate who came close to landing a position with your company, but narrowly missed out to your eventual hire? Likely, that “runner-up” moved on, found another job, and never again crossed your mind.

But what if you had stayed in touch with your silver-medalist and held onto their resume until another position opened? You may have been able to hire top talent faster than if you had started from square one. This is a great example of how to build a talent pipeline – a proven, proactive hiring strategy.

So, what is a talent pipeline? In simple terms, it’s a talent pool of engaged candidates who are ready, willing, and able to fill your positions. Instead of actively recruiting new applicants once you have an open position, you can tap into that pool first to fill the role quickly.


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Even when you aren’t actively hiring, nurturing a talent pipeline is a great way to prepare for the future – not only by helping you meet staffing needs, but also by strengthening your employer brand. When you engage with potential hires in positive ways, you’re supporting your reputation as an employer of choice.


To learn more about building a talent pipeline, check out the following “Talent Pipelining 101” infographic.


Talent Pipelining Infographic

By Kristina Kelly | May 14, 2020