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Introducing iHire’s Choice Employer Program: Free Rewards for Treating Job Seekers Well

Providing a positive candidate experience in this exceptionally competitive market is essential to finding the right talent for your company. If you’re not known for treating job seekers as well as you would your most valued customers, your employer brand could be at stake and you could be missing out on A-players.

Plus, we simply believe it’s the right thing to do and have made it our mission to improve the candidate experience.

iHire’s Choice Employer program was created to reward like-minded organizations and employers of choice who are committed to a higher standard of hiring. Learn more about this groundbreaking initiative and how you can become a Choice Employer today.


How iHire’s Choice Employer Program Works

Choice Employers commit to following these three hiring best practices by completing our pledge:

  1. Fair hiring practices. You’re an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).
  2. Fast applications. Candidates can complete your initial application in 10 minutes or less.
  3. Candidate communication. You keep applicants informed, even if you close your job or they’re no longer in the running.

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Why Take iHire’s Choice Employer Pledge?

At no extra cost, Choice Employers get:

  • Top placement in candidates’ job alert emails
  • Extra exposure on high-traffic job search pages, candidate dashboards, and iHire community site homepages
  • The exclusive Choice Employer badge on their company profile
  • Unprecedented reach to career-driven job seekers that can’t be found elsewhere

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How to Become an iHire Choice Employer

First, make sure you meet the minimum qualifications to become a Choice Employer:

Next, log in to your iHire account and take the Choice Employer pledge. Your status as a Choice Employer will be live within an hour and will remain active as long as you have an active Job Slot subscription and company profile.


Have questions about iHire’s Choice Employer program? Contact our Customer Success team at (877) 798-4854.

By Natalie Winzer, iHire | February 18, 2020