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What to Do When Your Job Search Hits a Dead End

When you first kicked off your job search, you sent out applications and practiced your interview skills with energy and enthusiasm. As time has passed, your excitement has dimmed, and the usual job search activities just don’t seem as inviting.  

You might even be considering giving up on the job search for a while. Although it might be tempting to take a break, you could miss out on opportunities in the meantime. Read on for some tips to recapture your initial enthusiasm and renew your job search motivation – even if you feel your job search has hit a dead end. 


Request an Informational Interview 

An informational interview can be a great way to explore a career, role, or company you’re interested in and build some networking bonds along the way. To request an informational interview, reach out to someone who works in a company or role you think is interesting.  

It’s best if you have a connection to them, but it’s not necessary. Ask if you can have 20 to 30 minutes of their time, and be sure to come prepared with a list of questions. Having an informational interview can help refocus your job search and provide valuable advice to keep you from giving up on your job search. 


Attend a Networking Event 

Look for networking events in your industry, such as those held by professional associations. At a networking event, you can exchange business cards, build your network, and learn about opportunities in your field. Ask around to see who’s hiring and be sure to follow up afterward with invitations to connect on social media. Your networking connections might be able to offer job search help, tip you off about openings, or even introduce you to a hiring manager at their company. 


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Stop Applying to Jobs That Don’t Excite You 

You’re likely feeling burned out from applying to as many jobs as you can find. To overcome job search anxiety and fatigue, set a new goal: Only apply to the jobs that you’re genuinely excited about and interested in pursuing. When you focus on the high-quality roles available, you’ll be able to spend more time crafting a personalized cover letter and tailoring your resume to the jobs’ specifications. 


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Take on a Temporary or Part-time Role 

It tends to be easier to search for a job when you’re already employed. If you’re struggling with job search motivation, think about taking on a temporary or part-time job. This is an excellent way to show future employers that you’re committed to keeping your skills sharp and current. You won’t be giving up on your job search — you’re just taking steps to regain your confidence. 


Consider Other Paths 

Renew your job search motivation by taking stock of your skills and qualifications. Are there any skills you could brush up on or courses you could take to improve your candidacy? Consider exploring different educational programs, such as degrees, certificate programs, or online courses that allow you to expand your skills and make you a more attractive job candidate. You might even be inspired to make a career change


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Refresh Your Resume and Cover Letter 

It’s possible that your resume and cover letter need a refresh if your job search is hitting a dead end. Maybe your cover letter needs a different angle or approach, or the order of your resume needs to be changed. Have a friend or former colleague look at your resume and cover letter and ask for suggestions. You can also use iHire’s resume tools to evaluate and improve your resume, or get help from our certified advanced resume writers


Carve Out Time for Yourself 

Self-care is important when you’re dealing with job search anxiety. Build in breaks for doing something you enjoy, such as taking a walk, working out, journaling, meeting a friend for coffee, or watching a movie. Job searching can be exhausting, so be sure to take time to de-stress and clear your head. 

When you’re considering giving up on job searching, try the tips above to renew your job search motivation. For more guidance on how to search for jobs, check out more job search advice and find your next role on our industry-specific talent communities.

By iHire | August 05, 2021
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