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Resume Writing Tips for School Administrators

Writing a principal resume? Stand out in your job search with these resume writing tips for school administrators.

How to List Contract Work on a Resume: Tips & Examples

Are you wondering how to list contract work on a resume or how to best present your gig experience on a resume? Find out from the experts at iHire!

Resume Writing Toolkit

Browse this collection of resources to learn how to create a polished resume that helps you snag your next job.

What Is a Chronological Resume?

Curious what is a chronological resume, or how functional vs. chronological resumes differ? Find out if a chronological resume format is right for you.

Cover Letter Writing Toolkit

Land more interviews with a compelling cover letter. Use these resources to get started!

Cover Letter Writing Dos and Don’ts

Learn best practices for writing a cover letter (and common mistakes to avoid) in this roundup of cover letter writing dos and don’ts.

13 Templates to Simplify Your Job Search

From following up on your application to writing an effective cover letter, these templates will save you time in your job search.

5 Tips for Responding Graciously to a Job Rejection Email [Sample]

Responding graciously to a job rejection can turn disappointment into opportunity. Learn how to respond to a job rejection by email with these five tips.

Using a Part-time Job to Make a Career Change

Thinking of changing careers? Here’s how a part-time job can serve as a steppingstone to trying something new.

The Dos and Don’ts of Starting a New Job

Starting a new job? Check out this list of “dos and don’ts” to begin your new gig on the right foot.

Ask a Career Advisor: Do I Have to Disclose on My Resume or Cover Letter if I’ve Been Fired?

Should you disclose being fired on your cover letter? What do you put on your resume if you’ve been terminated? iHire Career Advisor, Lori Cole, answers these questions and tells you exactly how to approach this scenario.

Why It’s a Bad Idea to Fake Your Job Search to Stay on Unemployment

Unemployed? Here’s why you should think twice before applying for jobs with no intention on following through in order to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

14 Networking Conversation Starters for Job Seekers

Networking can be awkward, but these conversation prompts will help you put your mind and nerves at ease at your next networking event

Networking Toolkit for Job Seekers

Get expert advice, tips, and templates to help you build connections and grow your career.

A Guide to Virtual Networking

Make the most out of your next virtual networking event with this advice on how to network online.

What Is a Talent Pipeline (And How Do You Join One)?

If you’re like most job seekers, you’ve probably never heard of a talent pipeline. However, it could be the answer to landing your dream job. If you're passively job searching or don’t mind waiting for the perfect position to come along, here’s what you need to know.

6 Email Templates for Responding to Interview Invitations

These interview email templates will help you find the perfect way to respond to an interview invitation in any situation.

Job Search Checklist: Preparing for a Virtual Interview

Preparing for a virtual interview? This practical checklist walks you through each step, and tells you everything you need to know about impressing interviewers via video.

How to Prepare for a Panel Interview (and Sample Questions)

Learn what a panel interview entails, and review potential panel interview questions and answers. If you want to impress everyone on the board, heed these 6 pieces of advice on preparing for your panel interview.

Questions to Prepare for and Ask During a Remote Interview

How do you prepare for a remote interview? Familiarize yourself with these job interview questions to make a great first impression – virtually.

Salary Negotiation Advice for HR Job Seekers

Ensure you're receiving a fair compensation in your next HR role with these salary negotiation tips.

Salary Negotiation Prep: A Quick Worksheet

It’s easy to get nervous thinking about salary negotiation, but confidence is important if you’re going to convince employers to give you the salary you deserve. This worksheet will help you gather the information you need to make a persuasive argument for a bump in pay.

How to Negotiate a Job Offer in 10 Steps

Negotiate a sweeter starting salary by following these 10 steps.

Sample Emails for Salary Negotiation

These salary negotiation email samples and tips can help you craft your email negotiation script to get the compensation you deserve.

Job Search Resources for New Grads [Toolkit]

Recently graduated? Set yourself up for a successful job search with these useful career resources, tips, and templates.

How New Grads Can Use Social Media to Jump-start Their Careers

Check out this job search advice for college graduates to learn social media can lead you to your first career opportunity.

Changing Majors: What College Students Should Know When Exploring a Different Career Path

Thinking of changing college majors to pursue a different career? Check out this career advice for college students.

Jobs for College Students: How to Find Work in 2021

Looking for an entry-level job in 2021? These five job search tips will help you get started.

How to Advance Your Career as a Radiologist: 7 Tips

Looking to take your radiology career to the next level? Here’s how to advance your career in radiology.

What to Do After Going on a PIP: An Action Plan for Employees

If your employer places you on a performance improvement plan, don’t panic! Learn how to take action and get back on track with this advice.

How to Become Successful: Your Computer is All You Need

Learn why and how online courses can help you get ahead in your career or embark on entrepreneurship.

How to Prepare for Your First Remote Job

Starting a remote job and new to working from home? Prep for success with these six tips.

Ask a Career Advisor: Do Employers Really Check My Social Media?

Have you ever tried viewing your social media profiles through the eyes of your company or potential employer? Is it best to keep things professional, or is it time to stop worrying about what you post? Get Career Advisor Lori Cole’s expert insights on the topic.

5 Ways You Should Be Using Social Media to Get a Job

Using social media to get a job is a must nowadays. Check out these 5 social media tips for job seekers and take your career to the next level!

How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles to Get Hired

If done right, using social media to find a job can help get you in front of the competition and increase the chances that you’ll get an interview.

Tweet Your Way to Success: How to Use Twitter to Find a Job

Learn how to use Twitter in your job search and take the next step in your career with these social media tips and tricks.

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