Managing your job search doesn't have to take over your life

Managing Your Job Search Doesn’t Have to Take Over Your Life

7 job search hacks that will help you find a job fast

A fast job search may seem like an unrealistic dream. If you’re like many job seekers, you spend hours working on applications, entering the same information into forms and submitting your cover letter over and over again. You’re exhausted by the end of the day, having fallen prey to job search burnout.

You may not believe it now, but it is possible to job search and still have a life. These job search hacks will show you the secret to how to find a job fast, without spending all day sending out resumes.


Have a plan

The best strategy for how to find a job fast is to have your expectations set before you start. A set of specific goals will keep you focused on the truly essential tasks and prevent you from becoming distracted. Create a list of daily and weekly objectives to keep yourself on track, including a number of new openings to apply to or companies to research. You should also set aside a scheduled block of time each day for responding to job search related emails, applying for new openings, and reviewing the job alerts you received that day. Make sure to also set aside time to relax. Otherwise, you risk job search burnout, which will only make you less efficient and prone to careless mistakes.


One key to a fast job search is to prepare materials ahead of time


Prepare materials ahead of time

Each time you apply for a new job, you follow almost identical procedures: submit your resume, follow up, and (maybe) get an interview. The key to a fast job search is reusing everything you can, so that you don’t do the same work twice. A lot of the emails and documents you’ll need will be very similar, regardless of the specific opening you’re applying for. Create an easily accessible computer folder for email templates, PDF transcripts, and reference lists. That way you won’t have to spend time sorting through your files when a hiring manager asks for references, or the time comes to follow up with an employer.

Also, remember to look for Quick Apply postings. These job ads speed up the process by allowing you to apply on the iHire page, without ever switching to the employer site. You'll even be able to use the Cover Letter Generator, which can dramatically reduce the time you spend per application.


Narrow your focus

It can be tempting to apply to every opening you find, but this is one of the most common job search mistakes. Sending applications to hundreds of employers is more likely to cause job search burnout than help you get an interview for your dream job. Instead of responding to every job ad you find, send a few really good applications to a few positions at the top of your list.


Be a passive job seeker - take a break from your job search and let employers find you!


Let employers do the work

Of all the job search hacks in this list, making your resume available to recruiters requires the least amount of work on your end. Simply upload your resume to a site like iHire and make it searchable. Once you do, employers who are actively seeking out potential new hires can discover your resume and will reach out if they want to interview you. In fact, some employers prefer to fill their positions this way, rather than have candidates reach out to them. Passive job seekers are typically still employed and demonstrate success in their current positions, making them a great option for recruiters looking to hire top talent. This 30-second task could help you land your dream job, even while you take a break from job search activities.


Get jobs sent to your inbox

The first major step in managing your job search is uncovering job ads. Luckily, online job boards have enormously simplified the process for the modern job seeker. The first time you perform a search on your iHire community, create an alert for those terms. We’ll send openings that match your interests straight to your email, so you don’t need to fit daily website visits into your schedule or risk overlooking a new posting for your dream job.


Not keeping track of applications is a common job search mistake you need to avoid.


Track everything

One of the worst job search mistakes people make is not keeping tabs on their progress with each application. Even just a simple spreadsheet can help you remember which employers you’ve already followed up with, and which you still need to send your resume to. For the ability to access your search from anywhere with an Internet connection, or the flexibility to add private notes to your tracked jobs, try managing your job search with the iHire Job Tracker.


Use smart search techniques

A huge obstacle to a fast job search that many job seekers face is weeding out endless irrelevant job ads. If you’re a front office manager, scrolling past taxi driver ads in search of administrative positions is not only incredibly frustrating, it also takes up time you could have used to apply for your dream job. One of the most effective job search hacks that deals with this problem is industry-focused job boards. Unlike the general job boards that throw together ads for any career type, industry-focused employment sites only have ads for openings in a single industry. Also try searching for a few different keyword combinations and adjusting your preferences to refine your suggested jobs to show exactly what you’re looking for.


With just a little organization and some help from iHire, it's easy to run a fast job search. Our tools are designed to help you implement these principals, including iMatch to focus your search, the Job Tracker to know where your applications stand, and even letters/templates you can adapt to your own needs. By using the available resources and limiting your efforts to relevant openings, you can avoid burnout while managing your job search with ease.

By Erin Coursey, iHire | July 09, 2018
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