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An iHire Job Seeker’s Snow Day To-Do List

Enjoy a lazy morning.

Let’s be honest—the first things on a snow day schedule are sleep in, make a nice breakfast, and slowly get ready for your day. Check Facebook, Google crazy jobs like ice cream tasting (no kidding, it exists!) and finish up some online shopping… basically, do everything but get to work on your job search.

Look at the clock. Notice the time. Panic.

Maybe you need a refresher on job seeker time management?

Build a resume in minutes with the Portfolio tool.

Win back some of that lost time by using the Portfolio tool to revamp and update your resume. And don’t forget to make it searchable to save even more time by having employers come to you.

Make sure your iMatch Job Preferences are up-to-date.

Don’t waste time looking at positions you aren’t qualified for or aren’t interested in. Get the most personalized, relevant job openings by ensuring that your iMatch Job Preferences are current and comprehensive.

Find a few jobs you’re interested in.

Save them to your Job Tracker so you can keep looking now while you’re in “search” mode and easily return to them later.

Use iScore to adjust your resume to each opening.

Get through the Applicant Tracking System and stand out to recruiters with a tailored resume. iScore not only tells you how well your resume fits the job ad’s specifications, but also provides suggestions for keywords that could increase your score.

Take a break to dig yourself out.

Don’t forget to shovel your driveway while the sun is high! You don’t want to get out there to find everything re-froze while you were caught up in the whirl of job hunting. Plus, exercise has been connected to better concentration, memory, learning, and creativity—so really, this chance to get fresh air is just one more way to boost your productivity!

Write cover letters that work.

You remember that thing you pulled together and tried to revise, but were never totally satisfied with? Pull it out. Put it to the side as a reference only if you get really stuck, so the old copy doesn’t influence this one too much. Now get to work crafting a newer, better, stronger document for each job you found.

Submit your applications.

Fill out any extra forms and send your resume and cover letter for each opening. Don’t forget to update the Job Tracker before you break into your celebratory dance!

Start prepping for interviews.

Even if you don’t know exactly when you’ll get a call back, you can begin preparing for the second stage of your job search process now—interviewing. Complete a strengths/weaknesses analysis and identify how you bring value to an employer. You can also build a brief elevator pitch to give hiring managers an overview of your talents and history.

Reach out to some networking contacts.

Have you read an interesting article related to your field lately? Send it to a networking contact along with a short message just to stay on their radar. Who knows, you might get a referral out of it!


Cover letters? Written. Resumes? Built and tailored. Jobs? Applied to. Networking? Done.

Great work! Make yourself a mug of hot cocoa and curl up in a blanket with your favorite TV show, book, or movie. You’ve earned it.

By Erin Coursey, iHire | March 09, 2017
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