AI in HR

The Rise of AI in HR: The Evolution of the Hiring Process

For the past several years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been setting strong feet in mankind’s life and revolutionizing every aspect of it. From manufacturing to packing, and from design to deployment, every industry utilizes some branch of AI to streamline its workflow today.

Using AI to select and manage human forces wasn’t considered a viable tactic in the past. But today, as AI becomes more and more important in every aspect of our lives, HR isn’t left behind anymore.

There are numerous ways AI can and is helping HR departments of various companies in streamlining their workflow. Here a few of these ways:


Creating Job Descriptions Faster

Creating valued job descriptions is one of the primary jobs of people in an HR department. Depending on the available position, employers sometimes have to spend several hours crafting a meaningful job description. Even then, it might not turn out to be as effective as it could be.

With the power of natural language processing (NLP), a branch of AI, there are many pieces of software available today that can generate effective job descriptions for you. These programs are aimed to save employers from spending massive amounts of time creating their ads.


Screening Applicants

Employers must go through dozens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of applications to find their ideal talent. This wastes time and spends human effort on something that AI can take care of, easily.

Many job boards have a one-click apply system that lets candidates submit their resumes in a few seconds. While that could be a great time-saver for candidates, it might turn out to be a major disaster for employers. In such cases, most of the applications could turn out to be from spammy and leisurely candidates that apply to any job they could find.

However, many modern job boards, freelance websites, and search engines have various screening options that filter great candidates from mediocre ones. It’s important to note that a candidate that’s a perfect fit for one firm, might not be a great fit for another. AI-based application filtering solutions let employers tailor the results to their specific needs.


chatting on a mobile phone

Powering Chatbots

Bots are, arguably, one of the most important applications of AI. These automated programs can take input and generate personalized responses based on them. Moreover, due to being artificially intelligent, they can learn and get better over time.

Chatbots, a branch of AI-based bots, are specialized in chatting with humans and recording their responses. When a chatbot is integrated into an HR department, it can take care of early, chat-based interviews, and filter out irrelevant applicants based on their responses to different questions.


Working with PEO Services

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are third-party firms that outsource HR services to small- and medium-sized businesses. As PEOs specialize in providing HR services, they can make the most out of an AI-based system if they invest in it — and modern PEOs do.

Partnering with a PEO saves a firm from the hassle of setting up its own HR department. Moreover, as PEOs are experts in what they do, the success rate of the partnering company boosts significantly.

PEOs take care of several important gigs of an HR department. For example, a competitive PEO such as NHGlobal Partners can help businesses with hiring talent, managing employment taxes, granting compensations and benefits, and taking care of payrolls.

As a PEO’s business model is entirely based on HR, it has the potential to revolutionize the entire HR industry if it manages to make the most out of AI for itself.


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Automating Employee Management

Assigning tasks to employees, taking care of their payrolls, and granting benefits is a tough job when you have tons of workers to handle. Luckily, there are many pieces of AI-based automation software available today that take care of these tasks.

These pieces of software can handle many tasks, like automatically calculating the payroll for every employee at the end of the month and transferring the amount to their accounts.

Final Word

AI has been reshaping the workflow of every business entity for several years now, and HR is no exception. With modern automation tools, techniques, and programs, the hiring process has been streamlined to new heights.


By Dea Styles, Guest Author | May 04, 2021