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Just Posted a Job? This is the Right Metric to Watch

(Hint: It Isn’t Traffic)

Posting your openings on the most popular job sites you can find seems like a no brainer. They will certainly drive a lot of traffic to your jobs, but is it the right traffic?

Is traffic alone the best metric for gauging the success of a job board partnership?

We don’t think so.

Most big, general job boards operate on a cost-per-click (CPC) internet advertising model, meaning you (the advertiser) pay them (the publisher) when your job ad is clicked. Therefore, their main goal is to drive as many clicks (traffic) to your site as possible.

To make this happen, big job boards don’t show job seekers your full ad, forcing them to click through to your site to see what your open position is all about.

Judging solely by title, location, and a few words about your position, job seekers may land on your site only to find out the job isn’t right for them and leave (or worse, apply anyway). Sure, you could get tons of page views from the big boards, but not necessarily tons of qualified applications.

Just analyzing traffic won’t tell you the whole story. Here’s what we suggest.

When evaluating the effectiveness of any job board partnership, you should consider the following metrics beyond gross traffic:

1. Visit-to-application ratio: Out of all the traffic the job board is driving to your site, how many of those page visitors are applying to the job? In other words, how well are those clicks “converting”?

2. Quality of applications: It’s important to determine what your organization defines as a “qualified applicant” and use that as a benchmark for measuring traffic quality. How qualified are the applications you’re receiving? At a bare minimum, does the job title in your ad match the job title(s) in the candidates’ resumes/applications?

iHire operates with these two metrics in mind by hosting job views on our individual community sites. Job seekers registered with iHire can read your job ad in full. That means candidates who click through to your website from ours have the intent to apply, not simply to learn more.

They’ve read your complete job description already and are prepared to take the next step.


I have been using iHire for several years now, and without a doubt, it is the best online job search portal I've come across yet! When it was time to get serious about staying competitive, and finding employment that mattered, iHire was there. Not only do they find the best fit, but they also assist in every way possible in order to be gainfully employed to the best of your potential. I highly recommend iHire for all your job search needs. – Donald S.


One of the main complaints we hear from those who use general job boards is receiving far too many irrelevant, time-wasting applications – truck drivers applying to dentist positions, for example, or candidates who clearly “mass apply” to any open position they can find.

Sound familiar?

Our model eliminates that problem.

iHire’s unique, industry-focused job search experience attracts candidates who are career-oriented and dedicated to their field.


My company has used iHire for several very specific and difficult-to-fill positions. We have always had an excellent response that has produced the types of candidates we are seeking -- not a million resumes that don't fit. It is an excellent job site that we will continue to use. – Advantage Professionals


When you partner with iHire, overall traffic to your jobs won’t skyrocket. In fact, our objective has never been to send you the most traffic – just the best candidates. You can be confident the traffic we do send you is highly qualified and has a far better likelihood of completing the apply process.

And at the end of the day, aren’t more qualified applicants your main goal?

by: Natalie Winzer, iHire
January 26, 2017