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Mid-Year Job Market Snapshot: 2020

With the second half of 2020 underway, it’s a great time to take a step back and look at how the job market has fared to date – especially given COVID-19’s profound impact on employment and the world at large. In addition to our annual U.S. Job Industry Recap and Outlook and Quarterly Reports detailing job industry trends from our most popular talent communities, 2020 warranted a mid-year lookback.

Below is a snapshot of employment trends from the past six months, based on data from iHire’s 56 industry-specific talent communities from January 1 through June 30, 2020.


New Jobs Posted by Month

A whopping 3.53 million new job postings were added to iHire’s platform in January 2020, but that number dramatically fell in March and April when businesses started shutting their doors and pausing hiring efforts due to COVID-19. However, job postings began to rise again in late May as organizations looked to reopen and resume hiring: 


 Total Jobs Added (in Millions)














Active Jobs by Month

The total number of active job postings on iHire at the end of any given month followed a similar pattern to the above data – showing a major slowdown in March and April and suggesting signs of recovery in May and June:


 Total Active Jobs (in Millions)














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Active Job Seekers by Month

As the unemployment rate climbed in Q2 2020, iHire experienced an uptick in job seekers who indicated they were actively searching for a job. This is positive news for employers who are hiring again and need to fill positions with qualified talent quickly. Here’s how our active job seeker numbers stacked up, month by month:


 Total Active Job Seekers (in Millions)














Top Hiring Industries

The following iHire talent communities saw the most job postings in the first half of the year. Here’s how they ranked:

 iHire Talent Community

 Total Job Postings (in Millions)






















Popular Career Titles

Digging into the job postings themselves, we found the following career titles were the most popular across iHire’s talent communities in the first half of 2020:

 Career Titles

 Job Postings (in Millions)

 Registered Nurse (RN)


 CDL Truck Driver


 Sales Representative


 Software Developer


 Customer Service Representative






 Nurse Assistant (CNA)


 Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)


 Long Haul Truck Driver


 Account Executive/Account Manager


 Admin Assistant


 Wait Staff


 Security Guard


 Home Health Aide





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Most Desired Candidate Skills and Credentials

Lastly, the following were the candidate skills and credentials most desired by employers, as indicated in their job postings:


 Number of Postings (in Millions)



 Training & Development






 Customer Service








 Staff Supervision


 Healthcare Management








 Policy Development



What will the next half of the year bring for the U.S. labor market? Stay tuned for more employment insights and job industry trends from iHire.

In the meantime, find your next great hire or land your next exciting career opportunity through our industry-focused talent communities. 

By iHire | July 24, 2020