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U.S. Job Industry Recap and Outlook: 2019-2020

Job Industry Recap and Outlook ebook
33.2 million job openings shared across iHire's platform in 2019

Which trends and topics shaped the 2019 job market and what will 2020 bring for talent acquisition?


Start your year off right with iHire's second annual U.S. Job Industry Recap and Outlook Report. Get an exclusive look into:
  • The top 10 hiring industries, desired candidate skills, and career titles from 2019

  • U.S. states and metropolitan areas with the most opportunities

  • Year-over-year job market data comparisons

  • 8 recruiting predictions for 2020 from iHire's experts

Data sourced from iHire’s job and job seeker databases, which include information from jobs posted directly through iHire as well as jobs aggregated from 30,000+ online sources.