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Diversity and Inclusion Resource Roundup

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace has been a growing topic for a long time, but recently, social movements like Black Lives Matter have elevated it to a greater scale. Now, companies are taking a closer look at their culture and recruiting practices to determine how they can create a more inclusive workplace.

Whether you’re developing a diversity and inclusion strategy for your company or looking for ways to continue educating you and your staff, check out these eight great spots for diversity and inclusion resources.

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1. HR Expertise from SHRM

SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, is the leading expert on workplace and employment topics. Their diversity and inclusion resource center has a wealth of articles, toolkits, Q&As, and more to help you navigate this complex topic and create a workplace where all employees can thrive.


2. Fortune 500 Insights from DiversityInc

DiversityInc collects data from some of the top companies in the world to share the benefits of a diverse workplace. In their resource center, they share content on diversity and inclusion best practices based on their analysis of recruiting and employment in Fortune 500 companies.


3. Disability Inclusion Resources from EARN

EARN, the Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion, was established to help organizations develop workplace cultures that accommodate people with disabilities. They provide tons of great resources to educate employers on disability diversity and can help you find qualified candidates with disabilities.


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4. Thought Leadership from TED

TED is a nonprofit known for spreading powerful ideas from diverse voices. Check out these TED talks on diversity and inclusion in the workplace to learn more about how you can effectively manage and support team members with different backgrounds and experiences.


5. Talent Development Expertise from ATD

With chapters all over the world, the Association for Talent Development is committed to helping people reach their full potential in the workplace. ATD has plenty of great blog posts, webinars, and books on diversity and inclusion best practices.


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6. Free Online Courses on Coursera

Coursera provides free training courses on diversity and inclusion in the workplace and other related topics. These may be a great starting point or supplement to formal training for you and your staff members.


7. Best Marketing Practices from Google

Think with Google provides marketers with insightful data and ideas to inspire innovation and forward-thinking. That’s why their diversity and inclusion resources hub is a must for anyone in the marketing space or those looking for thought-provoking content from one of the world’s largest companies.


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8. Results-Oriented Content from BCG

Boston Consulting Group is known internationally for their results-oriented solutions. They’ve applied the same approach to prove the business case for diversity and inclusion through research and experience. Check out their hub for diversity and inclusion insights.


As you’re developing a diversity and inclusion strategy for your company or looking for expert recruiting tips, these resources are great places to start. You can also visit iHire’s Diversity & Inclusion library for more helpful advice.

By Sarah Ballow | August 03, 2020