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Working from Home as Told by Memes

The recent pandemic has forced many of us to work from home – at least temporarily – and now we’ve all been on an emotional roller coaster since March. 

Whether you’re enjoying your new office space or counting down the seconds until you return to the office, we hope this collection of memes will brighten your day.


1.  And so, the pandemic began... with a call for everyone to stay safe at home.

Image source: https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/working-from-home-memes


2.  There were some immediate benefits. Commute times were at an all-time low.

Image source:https://www.actitime.com/fun/work-from-home-memes/


3.  Some commutes were even shorter than others...

Image source: https://productcoalition.com/15-working-from-home-memes-to-brighten-up-your-day-da75634aa79


4.  Deciding how to dress for the day also became a lot less challenging – and much more comfortable.

Image source:https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/working-from-home-memes


5.  But there have been some unexpected pitfalls to WFH. Especially if you’re working from home with kids or animals.

Image source: https://productcoalition.com/15-working-from-home-memes-to-brighten-up-your-day-da75634aa79


6.  And sometimes the lines between children and animals blur. You might find yourself referring to your kids as “wild” or a “pack” if you have multiple children.

Image source: https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/working-from-home-memes


7.  Another familiar fixture in our WFH days – video conference calls. I think everyone can relate to this fun game of Conference Call Bingo.

Image source: https://www.popbuzz.com/internet/viral/working-from-home-memes/


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8.  And because we only see coworkers on Zoom, most of us only make an effort concerning our appearance for those occasions.


Image source: https://mamaslatinas.com/life-inspiration/158601-funny-work-from-home-memes


9.  As the days wear on, constant life at home can start to get weird.

“When you're working from home all day every day, running errands on your lunch break is no longer picking up the dry cleaning on your way to the drive-through. It has become walking to your neighbor's house barefoot in pajama pants with the remnants of an irreverent week-two mohawk peering out from your unkempt week-10 locks."



10.  Along with putting up with the weird, we have lost some of the things we used to look forward to.

Image source: https://www.rd.com/advice/work-career/working-from-home-memes/


11.  So, for those extroverts stuck at home, some of us know how you feel.

Image source: https://www.popbuzz.com/internet/viral/working-from-home-memes 


12.  While others may feel more like this...

Image source: https://screenrant.com/best-work-from-home-memes-funny-jokes


Hang in there – we’ll be back in the office before you know it!


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by: Rebecca Kilduff
June 26, 2020

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