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What to Ask For When Negotiating a Relocation Package

You’ve been offered a great job in a new city. Now what?

While relocating for a job is very exciting, it’s also stressful and requires a lot of time and resources. Even if you’re a young, single professional, you will be faced with significant expenses as you start fresh in a new location. A key step in planning wisely for your move is to negotiate a relocation package.

First, figure out what type of assistance you’ll need and review your future employer’s relocation policy. If the company doesn’t have a formal relocation program or their normal offerings fall short, don’t be afraid to design and pitch your own package and/or try negotiating for more. 

Check out the list below to learn what you could potentially request when negotiating your relocation package.


Preliminary Visits

Also known as a “scouting trip,” visiting your prospective new town to scope out neighborhoods, schools, cultural attractions, and other factors before you make the big move can help ease any apprehensions and seal the deal. Taking your spouse and/or children along can make the ultimate transition less traumatic as well.


Packing, Moving & Unpacking Services

Perhaps the most time-consuming (and unenjoyable) aspect of moving is packing, hauling, and unpacking all of your things, especially if you have a family, multiple vehicles, specialty items like pianos, big “toys” such as boats, etc. Even if you do all the packing and unpacking yourself, you’ll likely have to rent a moving truck or hire a moving service.


Temporary Housing & Storage

In some cases, you may need to relocate faster than you can secure permanent housing in your new city. A temporary place to live will be essential as well as a secure storage facility (either in your current hometown or your new one) for your extra stuff.


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Assistance with Selling Your House or Breaking Your Lease

After you’ve successfully relocated, there’s the matter of preparing your previous home for sale. Or, if you’re currently renting a place and the timing isn’t quite right, the remaining months on your lease will need to be covered or your property manager may charge you a substantial fee to terminate the lease early.


Job Search Support for Your Significant Other

If you’ll be uprooting a spouse or significant other with this relocation, see if connecting them with a local recruiter or career coach is possible or if job search expenses can be reimbursed.


As you negotiate, remember that if you present your requests as beneficial to you AND your future employer, you’re more likely to receive approval. For example, the faster you settle in with relocation support, the sooner you’ll be up and running at your new office. On a final note, and perhaps this goes without saying, be sure to get all of the package details in writing (what assistance will be provided and when) once you reach an agreement.

by: Natalie Winzer, iHire
June 13, 2016

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