Save your search on iHire to save time and frustration

Saved Searches on iHire: Your Personal Search Assistant

When it comes to looking for your dream job, setting up the perfect search using iHire’s comprehensive set of filters and facets is only the beginning. Depending on the job market and your specific industry, it may take a little while before the right job opens up, so having the ability to save your search parameters can maximize your efficiency and minimize the time you spend re-entering the same job titles and keywords into a search form.

We set out to make saving a job search just as easy as searching for jobs on iHire, so we included a “Save This Search” button directly below the main search box on our Search page.


Set up your search and then click the "Save This Search" button


Clicking the “Save This Search” button opens up a modal where you can create a name for your search and select how often you would like to receive emails with the latest job results that match your parameters.


Don't forget to name your saved search and select how often you want results sent to your inbox!


If you only want to use your saved search to make the most of your time on site, simply select “Never” and you won’t get any emails. However, if you want to be notified when a new job becomes available that matches your search, choose “Daily” or “Weekly” to get saved search alerts emailed to you on a regular basis.


Maximize your time by getting the latest search results emailed to you


Once you’ve created a saved search, you can manage it on your iHire dashboard or on the Search page. From the dashboard, you can run a previously saved search to see the latest results or delete saved searches you no longer need.


Manage your saved searches right on your dashboard


On iHire’s Search page, you can run your previously saved searches or delete saved searches with a click of the mouse.


You can rerun or delete saved searches on iHire's Search page


Need to make changes to your saved search? No problem! Simply open up that search, make your changes, and follow the steps mentioned above to save your updated search. Once you’ve saved your edited search, go back and delete the previous version by clicking on the trash can icon next to the search name and selecting “OK” in the confirmation modal.


You can easily delete saved searches if they're no longer needed


Now that you know all about how to utilize iHire’s saved search feature, use this resource to take your job search up a notch and find your dream job!

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
April 04, 2018

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