Building a Resume that Breaks Through Applicant Tracking Systems [Premium Webinar]

If you’ve ever wondered why your resume seemingly got trapped in a company’s application black hole – especially when you know you’d be perfect for the job – the answer could be the automated Applicant Tracking System.

Learn the strategies behind beating the bots with this month’s Premium member webinar: Building a Resume that Breaks Through Applicant Tracking Systems.”

Hosts Erin Steiner and Jenna Sylvester, Certified Advanced Resume Writers at iHire, have the tips you need to:

  • Identify the items Applicant Tracking Systems scan for in a resume
  • Include the most important skills and attributes in your resume
  • Format your resume correctly so it’s not rejected
  • Use the Premium iHire tools at your disposal to make the process easier
  • And more!

For more resume tips, download our Resume Writing Playbook, or head to our Job Seeker Resource Center.

By iHire | December 01, 2021
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