the wrong way to ask for a raise

10 Ways to Ask for a Raise (and Not Get It) [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have “the feeling”? You know – the feeling that it’s time to not only be verbally recognized, but also financially recognized for all of the hard work you’ve been putting in lately at your current job? You worked up the courage, did a few practice rounds, and now you’re ready to approach your boss with the big question … “Can I have a raise?”

Before you head in to battle, make sure you’re armed with the reasons – the right reasons – why it’s time to ask for a raise and the right ways to ask for it. There are some approaches that will all but guarantee you a resounding “No”.

Learn from those who have fallen before you and think about what to ask and also what NOT to ask. Discover all this and more in our latest infographic! Read the full article on how to not ask for a raise here.

ihire 10 ways to ask for a raise infographic

by: Erin Schwartz, iHire
February 08, 2017

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