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iHire’s Top Career Advice Articles for 2019

At iHire, our goal is to connect job seekers with the right opportunity in their field and help them find meaningful careers. A big part of that mission is to provide the best career advice articles possible for every phase of the job search. In 2019, we published a wide variety of career tips on resume writing, interviewing, networking, professional development, and much more.

What were iHire’s best career advice articles last year? Which topics were the most popular? Find out with our list of iHire’s top career advice articles for 2019.


1. A Look at the 3 Top Resume Strategies

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There are three main resume strategies that the certified resume writers at iHire use based on each job seeker’s unique background and career goal: chronological, hybrid, and functional. This article explains the differences between each format to help you decide which resume strategy would work best for your job search.


2. 5 Tips for Responding Graciously to a Job Rejection Email [Sample]

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Finding out that you didn’t get the job via email can be incredibly disappointing, and knowing where to get career advice for this unfortunate situation is key. You weren’t selected, but that doesn’t mean you should cease communication with the hiring manager altogether. Use our tips to respond positively and politely to a job rejection email to increase your chances of being considered for future opportunities.


3. 5 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Job

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Next on our list of top career advice articles for 2019 is a look at five key indicators that it may be time to find a new job. From stress to irritability and lack of sleep, these signals may mean that you would be happier in a different position with your current employer or at a brand-new gig. While this is certainly not a decision to make lightly, no one should be stuck in a career they hate.


4. What Is a Hybrid Resume?

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One of the best career advice articles we published last year includes a specific guide to the hybrid resume format (mentioned above in #1). A hybrid resume is great for career changers as well as job seekers who have a lot of achievements to highlight. Check out this article, which includes career tips and a resume sample, to find out if the hybrid resume is right for you.


5. How to Tailor Your Resume for a Job in 3 Steps

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Savvy job seekers know that if you want the interview, you must tailor your resume specifically for the role you’re targeting (and it’s not only about keywords). We break this process down into three steps so you can apply to your next job with confidence.


6. Job Ghosting Is a Bad Idea. Here’s Why.

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While it’s true that job seekers have been “ghosted” by employers for years, that doesn’t make it acceptable – even in today’s candidate-driven market. Ghosting an interview or ghosting a job now could hurt you in the future if/when the hiring landscape changes. If you change your mind about a job interview or get a better offer, simply let the company know to avoid burning bridges you may need someday.


7. Interview Cheat Sheet: 101 Common Interview Questions

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It’s impossible to fully anticipate each question you’ll get in an interview, but our comprehensive guide of the most common ones will help you prepare. Download our interview cheat sheet and practice your answers with a trusted colleague or friend.


8. The 5 Out of Office Email Templates Every Professional Needs

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This article was popular among professionals wondering where to get career advice about “unplugging” from work during a vacation, sick day, conference, or another event. Our templates take the guesswork out of writing professional, courteous, and secure auto-responses for your work email account.


9. 11 Headshot Tips for Job Seekers

example of a professional headshot


Social media plays a huge part in today’s job search, and a good headshot can make a huge difference in how you’re perceived online by recruiters and potential employers. These career tips cover how to take a professional headshot as a job seeker to ensure you’re making the right first impression.


10. How to Become a Manager: 8 Signs You’re Ready to Lead

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Is getting promoted to a leadership position one of your New Year’s resolutions for 2020? This must-read article outlines many of the key traits strong managers should have before taking on a supervisory role.



As you reflect on 2019 and prepare to tackle 2020, check back with us every week for the best career advice articles to make this new year (and decade) a successful one. We’re rooting for you!

by: Natalie Winzer
January 07, 2020

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