Transparent is one of iHire's 8 core values

iHire’s Core Values Series: Transparent

What does it mean to be transparent? Find out in the second chapter of iHire's Core Values Video Series. 



“We are open, honest, and proactive in communication of our activities, goals, and intentions to each other, our customers, and other stakeholders.”

Transparent people are honest, don’t sugarcoat bad news, and encourage others to do the same. Strong relationships built on mutual trust and respect are essential to exercising transparency.

Why be transparent?

  • Increases your performance and accountability
  • Eliminates surprises (good and bad)
  • Achieves buy-in and ownership from the whole team
  • Builds trust among peers and clients

Ways you can be more transparent at work:

  • Explain decisions and help others to understand
  • Promote candid conversations and socialize with your coworkers
  • Teach others how to give and receive honest feedback
  • Proactively share bad news
  • Respond positively to honesty

Stayed tuned for the next post in our Core Values Video Series on "Growth-Focused." 

By iHire | February 23, 2021
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