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How to Turn Your Workplace into a Healthy & Safe Environment

Recently, I had been sitting at my computer screen for an incredibly long time, and it made me think about the importance of the right work environment. Today, I will give you some tips and ideas for your workplace that will make you more productive – and turn it into a healthy and safe environment.

Create a Pleasant Atmosphere and Eliminate Clutter

Let's start simple. Have you ever got tired of working with the constant hustle and bustle? Do you know exactly where your work materials lie? After a while, it’s easy to get bogged down in chaos – clutter is a creeping fog. “Clutter” happens slowly, and you don't even notice it; then, suddenly, you are completely overwhelmed. A clean table or desk is a place to start.


Set the Mood With Light

A darkened room may be atmospheric, but it will cause all kinds of eye damage. Make sure you have a good-quality light source that doesn't shine directly onto the screen. Also, ensure your monitor is not too bright. If your eyes are tired or dry, it’s a sign that your monitor may be too bright. Some monitors have special automated sensors that change brightness when the lighting changes. To address mild eye strain or dry eyes, use saline drops, which are available in any pharmacy.


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Invest in a Monitor Stand

A monitor stand is a special shelf that positions the computer screen at an optimal level. The middle of a correctly set screen should be tilted 15 degrees away from your eye line. While doing this, your neck should be slightly tilted. Believe it or not, most monitors are lower than they should be. However, a monitor positioned incorrectly will cause neck and shoulder strains without being noticed by the user. Monitor stands can be found in office supply stores or even on eBay, where the cost is lower than the retail price. Choose models that can be adjusted so you can set your monitor to the best level for your needs.

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Use the Right Interior Decor

If you are interested in interior decor, you want to compliment the room with exciting decor – use your imagination! Here are some ideas:

  • Take inspiration from scrapbooks! Ropes and paper clips hang over my monitor with customer letters and postcards. It adds a little color to my office.
  • Aroma lamps can also create a healthy and pleasant atmosphere. I have an electric one with a fuse, which is safe, and use natural oils.
  • Don't forget about indoor plants. They purify the air around them and can thus improve your health, even reducing headaches, sore throats, and fatigue. They are also pleasing to the eye. If your office is too dark, no need to worry. You can easily make use of LED grow lights and your plants will thrive even indoors.
  • Use upholstered reading furniture in your office like an armchair or even a small sofa. It's nice to sit down and relax when you need to make a call or write down your ideas.

Take Care of Your Body

An improperly organized workplace can lead to persistent neck, shoulder, or back pain. If you have a sedentary job, choose the right chair. You will see many fun and nontraditional designer chairs used in office photos, but most of them are not what you want. Your chair must ensure good posture.

Lastly, remember to take regular breaks during the workday. By that, I mean short breaks in a quiet, outdoor setting. I prefer riding a motorized bicycle, which allows me to sleep better, strengthen my nervous system, reduce stress, and increase overall productivity.

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Final Thoughts

Many of us are thinking about how to equip a workplace at home so that we do not have to wake up painfully in the morning. Do you have an orderly work environment? Do you have any tips you would like to share?

By Dea Styles, Guest Author | June 07, 2021
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