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Want Better Job Matches? Tell Us What You Don’t Want to See

Just like you’d search Google for things you want – e.g., “blue suede shoes” – you’re also used to searching for jobs on iHire using specific keywords like “primary care,” “Adobe CS,” “project management,” or “CPA.” You search using skills and credentials you’d like to use in your next job, and you want to see recommended openings that include these words in the ads.

But what about certain skills and credentials that you DON’T want to use in your next job? For instance, suppose you’re looking for a nurse position, but would prefer not to work with pediatric patients. Or suppose you’re in IT, but don’t have an active security clearance. Or perhaps you’re a chef who is uninterested in casual dining.

Job seekers love iHire’s iMatch because it learns from your preferences and account behavior to continually provide better and better job recommendations. Now we’ve taken our job search tools to the next level by enabling you to create a list of keywords, skills, and credentials you’d rather NOT see in your recommended jobs.


screenshot of ihire job seeker preferences page


After signing in, go to your Job Preferences page to add these “discarded skills” to your profile.


screenshot of ihire job seeker preferences page with discard skills section


We’ve also added our autocomplete feature to this new section of the Job Preferences page to save you time and ensure all bases are covered.


screenshot of ihire job seeker preferences page discard skills section with autocomplete


By telling iMatch the skills you want to use as well as the skills you don’t want to use, the jobs iHire recommends to you will align more closely than ever before to your dream opportunity. Give our new job search tools a try and update your Job Preferences today!

by: Natalie Winzer, iHire
July 05, 2018

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