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Back to Work: 5 Tips for Beating the End-of-Summer Blues

The long, slow days of summer are coming to an end and everyone is going back to reality after vacation. Work is about to ramp up again and you can feel the stress sneaking back in. However, the end of summer can provide a great opportunity to reflect and increase productivity. Here’s how you can beat the end-of-summer blues and embrace the transition into fall.


1.  Go back-to-school shopping

This is the time of year when bright-eyed children and parents, armed with back-to-school lists and empty shopping carts, flood the aisles of your local Target and Office Depot. Colorful pencils and JanSport backpacks are flying off the shelves, and the excitement is palpable. While your grade school days are over, that doesn’t mean you can’t cultivate some of that back-to-school energy. Refresh your office décor, upgrade your wardrobe, purchase a new business tool, or start a new project. Bringing something new to your workday can help the transition into fall feel like a fresh start.


2.  Reflect on your job

​Going back to reality after vacation can be tough – but it shouldn’t be a nightmare. Use this time to reflect on your job with a fresh perspective and consider your priorities. Is your job still aligned with your career and personal goals? Are you happy where you are? If your answers are no, it may be time to look for another job or implement strategies for better work-life balance.


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3.  Set goals

Think of September as the start of a new year. Now that you’ve had some time to decompress, you can start looking ahead with a clear mind. Set a work-related goal or two for the coming months, and document concrete steps that will help you progress toward your goals. Pro tip: Use those new back-to-work Post-it notes to place your goals somewhere you can see them every day. If you’re struggling to come up with a goal, try pitching an idea or volunteering to take on a new project. Since everyone is back in the office and feeling reenergized, you may find that your team is more open to collaborating and trying new things.


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4.  Remember your vacation

Once you’re back to work, it’s easy to get lost in work mode and forget all about that relaxing vacation you had. Print out a couple of vacation photos for your desk and tell your colleagues about your trip. You’ll look back on the summer with gratitude and carry some of that positive energy into your office.



5.  Make plans

But wait – the fun doesn’t have to end once you go back to work. Plan a long weekend with friends, a night out with your partner, or a day trip with your kids. Having something to look forward to, however big or small, will help reduce stress and make the transition into fall a little sweeter.


Coming back to reality after vacation or a slow summer can be overwhelming for us all. To combat those end-of-summer blues, consider the transition into fall a time of year to make a change, set new goals, and build excitement for the future. Before you know it, your next vacation will be right around the corner.

By Sarah Ballow, iHire | August 27, 2019
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