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10 Funny Holiday Work Memes to Share with Your Coworkers

The holiday season is here, people, and we’re more than ready for a break. But…we also know it won’t last forever. Check out these funny holiday work memes that characterize the ups and downs we all have before, during, and after the holiday break.



1.  "Look at all this work I haven’t done yet.”


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When it’s the day before holiday break and you’re nowhere close to accomplishing your year-end goals, but you don’t even care because you’re too excited to leave.



2.  "Me leaving work / day before holiday.”


Meme: Little girl running away.



Imagine: you’re leisurely packing your things before holiday break, daydreaming about eggnog and pumpkin pie, when your boss stops by with a last-minute request that destroys all your holiday cheer in a matter of seconds. I don’t know about you, but I’m not taking any chances this year. Good luck catching me.



3.  "The office holiday party is a great place to meet everyone you’ve been emailing from 10 feet away.”


Meme: People working on computers in office



Ah, yes. The shameful, “Oh, so you’re Carol. So great to put a face to a name!” After you’ve made enough awkward introductions, follow our advice on how to not get fired at your holiday work party (you’re welcome).


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4.  "Tomorrow’s Monday! I ain’t even mad.”


Will Smith shrugging his shoulders



We all know the feeling. It’s Sunday evening and you start to get that back-to-work dread. But that’s when you remember – you don’t have work tomorrow, so you’re not even mad!



5.  "Realizing the holidays are over and you have to be a responsible adult again.”


Old woman in ball pit frowning and crossing her arms



It’s all fun and games until the last day of break comes around (cue the back-to-work memes). Do I really have to put my big kid pants on?



6.  “6:30 AM. That’s an alarm I haven’t set in a long time.”


Game of Thrones character looking concerned



You’ve been having so much fun, you almost forgot what it was like to have responsibility. Has it truly only been a matter of days?



7.  “Comes back to work after a month off. I have no memory of this place.”


Meme: Gandalf from Lord of the Rings



If you have a trip planned for the holiday break, this back to work meme is for you. You’ve put work so far out of your mind, it’s as if you were never there at all. But don’t be alarmed when you check your email and find that nobody else forgot that you work here (or cared that you were on break, apparently).



8.  “One million emails.”


Meme: Austin Powers putting pinky to mouth



When you come into work January 2 after spending all holiday break not keeping up with your inbox. (Don’t you wish you could leave your out of office email on forever?)



9.  “One does not simply ‘back to work’ after holiday.”


Lord of the Rings character explaining something



This is one of the best holiday memes (that your boss doesn’t seem to understand), because it’s true. One does not simply “back to work” after holiday. To get back into the groove, we recommend plenty of breaks, coffee, coffee breaks, and perseverance.



10.  “Brace yourselves. Receipt-less returns are coming.”


Meme: Game of Thrones character out in the cold



And last but certainly not least, this holiday meme goes out to all of our friends in retail. What do we say to customers who show up without receipts? “Not today.”



While we can’t stop the holiday break from coming to an end, we hope these funny holiday work memes will keep you going as you prepare for that first day back to work. And for those of you who resolved to find a new job in 2020, we’re here to help you find your next great opportunity.

By Sarah Ballow, iHire | November 22, 2019
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