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Top 10 iHire Employer Resources from 2021

Employers faced many challenges in 2021, from recruitment and retention difficulties surrounding the Great Resignation, to managing a remote workforce, and more. iHire is committed to providing employers the resources they need to navigate these obstacles, and in the last year, we published more than 100 pieces of content to help do so.

Let’s dive into the top 10 articles that employers like you read in 2021.


10. Blind Hiring 101: Addressing Bias in Your Recruiting Process

blind hiring

Diversity was a hot topic in 2021 with this article on diversity, equity, and inclusion coming in at No. 10 for the year. This employer resource explains how unconscious bias can undermine your diversity program, and how implementing “blind” hiring practices will help you build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


9. Attract Top Talent: 5 Things to Include on Your Careers Page

man using computer

Maintaining your careers page might be low on your to-do list, but an outdated or uninteresting page is a missed opportunity to sell your business to potential employees. Even worse, it could be turning away applicants. Learn how to create a compelling careers page that draws in great candidates and promotes your company culture with these five tips.


8. Addressing Employee Mental Health & Well-Being

employee mental health

Employee mental health is another trending topic, and as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it’s easy to see why. When employees are stressed, they risk burnout, which can lead to exhaustion, decreased engagement, reduced productivity, missed deadlines, and poor performance. Learn how you can improve your employees’ mental health with the tips in this article.


7. How to Create Workplace Engagement on a Budget

workplace engagement

Employee engagement is crucial for any business’s success, but it’s difficult to create a workplace engagement plan with remote employees or a limited budget. Discover six ways to build an environment that all employees love to be a part of while keeping costs low.


6. Parting Ways is Hard to Do, but Everyone Benefits from Exit Interviews

exit interview

Amidst the Great Resignation, many businesses saw valued employees leaving. But do you know the reason why? Exit interviews are an opportunity to receive candid assessment of your company’s work environment and culture, identify problem areas, and improve staff retention. Use this article to learn best practices and get sample questions for obtaining valuable employee feedback from departing staff.


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5. Supporting Employee Self-Care is More Important Than Ever

exercise equipment on desk

Improving your employees’ well-being is important, and this article has strategies for promoting self-care. The stress of the past year can lead many to overlook their self-care routines and fall into unhealthy habits. Maintaining those practices is key to employee happiness, and employers can play a significant role in either helping or hindering their efforts.


4. How to Reject a Candidate: 2 Essential Email Templates

man looking at email

Unfortunately, you can’t hire everyone who applies to your opening, even during the Great Resignation. But sending the wrong message when rejecting applicants can hurt your employer brand and may prevent the candidates you want to keep in your talent pipeline from applying again. Use the two templates found in this article to disqualify those candidates the right way.


3. The Art of the Job Ad [eBook]

the art of the job ad

A well-written job ad is vital for attracting the talent you want for your position. But there’s more to it than you might realize. Our free The Art of the Job Ad eBook has step-by-step guidance for crafting a clear, concise, and compelling job posting, including the eight components your ad needs and common mistakes to avoid.


2. 21 Candidate Interview Questions Centered on Diversity


Building an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion starts with the people you hire. Identifying potential issues in the hiring stage ensures good employee morale and protects your brand from future incidents. In this article, we complied 21 interview questions to assess a candidate's commitment to DEI initiatives.


1. The Value of a Cover Letter: Survey Results

cover letter survey

We surveyed 603 hiring professionals to see if they still consider cover letters valuable. See what your peers said about the importance of the cover letter and whether or not they still expect to see one from applicants these days.


Honorable Mention

The following articles may not have made it into the top 10, but generated enough interest from employers to earn an honorable mention:


iHire wishes you a happy New Year and can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store. Be sure to check out our Employer Resource Center for more articles and expert hiring advice.

by: Doug Atkinson
December 29, 2021