talent retention report 2020

Talent Retention Report 2020 [eBook]

More than 51.1% of employees have left their jobs in the past year. While COVID-19 layoffs account for much of the involuntarily turnover, what’s driving top talent to seek greener pastures voluntarily?

Get your copy of iHire’s 2nd Annual Talent Retention Report to see the results of our survey of 2,871 U.S. workers and receive firsthand tips for keeping staff aboard in a new era of recruiting and retention.

You’ll learn:

  • Why employees are leaving their jobs – involuntarily and voluntarily
  • ​How satisfied today’s workers are with their current jobs
  • What, specifically, employers can offer to prevent staff turnover
  • How “career changers” are impacting retention
  • What you can do to improve retention in 2021 and beyond


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By iHire | October 28, 2020