Recruiter monitoring traffic from Google for Jobs

Monitoring Google for Jobs Traffic Just Got Easier

Keep an eye out for the “google_jobs_apply” UTM on your job posting URLs

For recruiters and employers who want to maximize search visibility for their jobs and ensure that they’re reaching the widest audience possible, Google for Jobs is a key part of any recruiting strategy. Google launched their new job search experience in the summer of 2017 and iHire integrated with Google for Jobs shortly thereafter.

Since its inception, accurately monitoring the traffic Google for Jobs delivers has been an issue. Is it driving a large number of applicants? Is every job opening submitted to Google making it onto their enhanced job search experience? How can we tell if an applicant is coming through Google for Jobs versus Google’s normal search experience? Those are all questions that recruiters and hiring agents have had to contend with when it comes to tracking KPIs for Google for Jobs.

Now there is a little less mystery when it comes to Google for Jobs.

In an unpublicized move at the end of February, Google added UTMs to links coming from Google for Jobs, making it much easier for data-driven hiring organizations to track the amount of traffic coming directly from Google for Jobs. For anyone unfamiliar with UTMs, these are simple codes tacked onto an existing URL that enables Google Analytics to see where site visitors came from.

If you’ve posted your jobs with iHire, you’re all set. We have the capability to monitor traffic from a wide range of sources, and this includes Google for Jobs. However, if your hiring organization has taken the DIY approach when it comes to Google for Jobs, look out for the “google_jobs_apply” UTM on your job posting URLs and use it to strengthen your analytics and application attribution efforts.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
March 08, 2018