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Is It Worth Hiring a Recruiter?

Recruiters help businesses save time and resources by taking care of one of the most essential HR functions – the recruitment process. However, because the internet has made it easier for anyone, including HR professionals, hiring managers, and everyone else, to find candidates, many companies wonder whether they should pay a recruiter to source top talent or do so in-house. Here are six reasons why it is worth hiring a recruiter.


1. Save Time

HR professionals must dedicate huge chunks of their time to writing job descriptions, interviewing, and other hiring tasks. This prevents them from focusing on retaining their current employees, ensuring employee well-being, and improving their company culture.

While overworked HR professionals want to improve these strategies, they just don't have the bandwidth. Hiring a recruiter can help because the HR department won't get bogged down by constantly recruiting and can focus on what matters most to the company – its employees.


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2. Lower Costs

Even though hiring a recruiter can be costly, it can still save businesses thousands of dollars. Open positions also cost money, depending on the importance of the role and how long the position has been vacant. The longer a role stays vacant, the more it costs a company. In addition, having the wrong person in the position can prevent the company from being productive and efficient, which affects the bottom line.

Working with a recruiter can help fill open positions faster so HR professionals aren't spending day and night trying to find the right candidates. By finding the right candidates for the job more rapidly, companies can save money by preventing important open positions from staying vacant for too long.


3. Simplify Salary Negotiations

Recruiters are professional negotiators who can assist businesses in paying their employees fairly and within budget. They can also make sure candidates are paid based on their experiences and skill sets. Plus, recruiters can help HR professionals and companies understand how much they'll need to pay employees for certain roles, preventing awkward or ineffective negotiations.

Ultimately, recruiters utilize market research and their knowledge of the going rates for certain job titles to determine the appropriate salary ranges. This prevents employees from being underpaid and businesses from overspending.


4. Receive End-to-End Guidance

Whether an HR manager has too much on their plate to start recruiting immediately or an organization does not have the resources to hire, recruiters can fill in the gaps. Recruiters guide the entire recruitment process for both the company and the candidates.

Successful recruiters possess extensive experience in communicating with job seekers. They know how to screen candidates and ask the right interview questions. They have seen which kinds of candidates provide the best outcomes and will utilize that knowledge to recruit the right person.


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5. Find the Right Fit Fast

Recruiters have a competitive nature because they want to place candidates. However, they don't want to place the wrong candidates because it can impact their reputation with current and potential clients.

Because recruiters typically get paid once a company has hired a candidate, they are more driven to get companies the best-fitting candidates, fast. This means that candidates only interview with companies they are truly interested in working for, and companies only interview candidates that are good matches.


6. Leverage Their Databases

Recruiters track every candidate they ever meet, so if someone is not a good fit for the first job a recruiter gets them an interview for, they will stay in their database (or pipeline) until there's another relevant opportunity. Therefore, a recruiter can source a great candidate from their database to fill a company’s open position quickly. Recruiters can also use their connections within a specific industry and access potential candidates that may be passively looking for a new role.

Whether you're an HR manager hunting for a new candidate or an organization looking to expand your team, it is worth hiring a recruiter to streamline the entire hiring process. Recruiters save everyone time and money to ensure the right candidates are placed in the right roles to benefit companies long-term.


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By Julia Olivas, Guest Author | July 19, 2022