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How to Make an HR Process Poster [INFOGRAPHIC]

So many conflicts in the workplace seem to come down to poor communication.


Even if your team is small, miscommunication happens. And delivering wrong information during the employee onboarding process can be particularly damaging, since new hires will then have to then unlearn that information later on, after they’ve already been practicing it.


So how do you help communicate workplace processes so that they can be easily understood and perpetuated?


Have you tried using infographics?


According to a study published in Educational Technology Research and Development, people following directions with illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.


Many educators have already leveraged infographics as educational tools. They’re easy to read, interesting to look at, and can easily be saved for future reference. So why not incorporate them into your employee onboarding process?


Employees can print the infographics, pin them up in their workspace, and always have them there for a quick reminder. And don’t worry, infographic creation doesn’t have to be hard. All it takes is an understanding of some basic design principles.


Here’s how you can create your own infographic poster for HR processes.

HR process infographic

By Sara McGuire, Venngage | November 28, 2016