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Let Your Core Values Be Your Guide: Survey Results

Company core values are more than a list of inspirational phrases on a breakroom poster or buzzwords casually mentioned in new hire orientations. Rather, company core values are a set of fundamental principles that guide your organization and your employees toward a common mission or goal – they must be embedded in everything you do.

Although company core values are nothing new, these overarching organizational beliefs have never been more important. Leaning on your core values is critical for navigating uncertain economic climates, making difficult business decisions, and determining how to pivot priorities and projects during a crisis.

Moreover, core values impact recruiting. Think about it this way: your ability to hire exceptional employees requires extra attention to building a positive, engaging workplace culture. And, by centering your workplace culture around your core values, you’ll keep staff engaged and build a strong employer brand that supports your recruitment and retention efforts.


2020 Core Values in the Workplace Survey: Results

But how seriously are today’s employers taking their core values? According to 2020 Core Values in the Workplace Survey of 183 active and passive job seekers, 62% of organizations have a set of core values, yet nearly 16% of employees don’t think their employer upholds them. At the same time, more than 75% of respondents said it is “very important” to work for company with a set of core values.

For more insights from our survey, including some ideas for how to promote core values in the workplace, check out the following infographic:


core values infographic
by: Kristina Kelly
April 14, 2020