Business Spotlight – Thorlabs, Inc.

Products and services from Thorlabs, Inc., a broad-based photonics technologies company, are instrumental in the work of tens of thousands of customers around the world. Thorlabs’ portfolio covers an extensive array of products, ranging from simple optical and mechanical components to integrated test and measurement systems. These products are produced in manufacturing centers in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the U.K.

Sourcing a high volume of well-qualified employees with unique skills and abilities can be challenging. Thankfully, Thorlabs is taking advantage of iHire’s Job Wrap to automate job posts. Job Wrap saves time by automatically posting multiple jobs across iHire’s platform using an XML feed or career site URL. This helps companies like Thorlabs find the right hire, fast.

In this iHire Business Spotlight, we talked to JoAnn DeMaio, Talent Acquisition Manager, to learn more about Thorlabs’ unique company and how it meets its hiring goals.

iHire: Tell us about Thorlabs, Inc., and what makes it such a special place to work. 

JD: At Thorlabs, Inc., customer-centricity is our focus, which makes for a happy work environment. We are a large company with over 2,500 employees, but it feels like a small business because each employee is treated like an individual. There is growth potential after one year, our benefits are extensive, and we encourage employees to share new and creative ideas.

iHire: What is your role in the company? 

JD: I manage the recruitment process and the Talent Acquisition team. I handle all recruitment for U.S. locations.

iHire: How many hires do you have each year and how many applications do you get for each role?

JD: Over that last three years, I have hired a minimum of 250 people per year. Some roles would consist of 150 applications and other roles would bring in 500 applications.

iHire: What is your biggest hiring challenge?

JD: Our biggest challenge is finding experienced machinists and engineer candidates within the photonics or manufacturing industry.

iHire: How has iHire helped you with those challenges?

JD: Over the last two years, I have had more traffic to our job postings.

iHire: What advice would you give other hiring managers looking for the best candidates?

JD: Try new and different avenues. I had never heard of iHire until I stumbled onto the site. I decided to give it a try. I have been happy with the results so far.

Looking to accelerate your career in manufacturing engineering? Check out Thorlabs’ current job openings.

By iHire | January 22, 2021