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Baby Boomers: The Missing Link in Addressing the Talent Shortage [eBook]

Today’s talent shortage requires exploring new avenues and tactics to find, hire, and retain qualified candidates. But as more baby boomers postpone retirement or return from a career hiatus, are employers overlooking this largely underutilized segment of the workforce?

We surveyed 1,265 U.S. baby boomer job seekers across 56 industries to shed light on this generation’s recent job search experiences and offer first-hand advice for bringing these seasoned applicants into your talent pool.

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  • Are baby boomers experiencing age discrimination in their job search?
  • Are they actively seeking new career opportunities?
  • How qualified do they feel for the positions they are pursuing?
  • What do they value most in a potential employer?

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By iHire | May 29, 2019