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Baby Boomers: The Missing Link in Addressing the Talent Shortage [eBook]

By iHire | May 29, 2019

With a platform comprising more than 2.8 million jobs and 13 million job seekers across 56 industries, iHire is uniquely positioned to share first-hand insights into the U.S. job market. New for 2020, iHire’s Quarterly Industry Report: Jobs & Job Seekers spotlights job industry trends from the previous three months – which industries have the most openings? Who’s hiring? Which skillsets are most desired by employers? What percentage of job seekers are willing to relocate for a position?

While we will continue to report monthly on the U.S. labor market data from the BLS, we also plan to publish this quarterly data to give both employers and job seekers a snapshot of the opportunities promoted through our most popular talent communities. Plus, we will use this information as a benchmark for deeper analysis in the months to come.

Among the job industry trends observed in our Q1 2020 report:

  • Top industries: iHireNursing boasted 309,063 active jobs as of Jan. 2, 2020, followed by iHireChefs with 203,967, and iHireConstruction with 78,419.
  • Seasonal variances: iHireLogistics saw a whopping 105,741 job openings in October 2019, signaling an uptick in seasonal hiring in preparation for the holidays. That number sharply declined to 57,477 in December 2019.
  • Tech is steady: iHireTechnology jobs remained fairly steady month-over-month, averaging 254,848 openings per month in Q4 of 2019.
  • Active and passive job seekers: iHireDental had the most candidates who were actively searching for a job (40%), while iHireLogistics had the most passive job seekers (70%).
  • Management skills in high demand: Seven out of the top 10 iHire sites listed “management” among their five most-desired candidate skills and credentials.

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