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Real Estate Careers: How to Get into Real Estate

When people think about how to get into real estate, they typically think of becoming a Realtor or real estate agent. However, there are a variety of real estate careers one might consider.

Types of jobs in the real estate industry include property management, title examination, real estate inspection, real estate consultation, real estate brokerage, leasing, and real estate appraising. If you have a desire to get into real estate, you’ll want to decide which direction you want to go and then do some research to determine the types of real estate licenses and education requirements for your state.


Decide Which Direction You Want to Go

To determine the best route to get into real estate, you first need to determine which real estate careers interest you. Various types of jobs in the real estate industry have different licensure and education requirements. They also focus on different aspects of the business.

Real estate agents and brokers support the selling and buying of commercial and private real estate. Individuals in the title business help to ensure the title of a home or building is clear before a sale commences. Inspectors have the critical job of inspecting homes and buildings to ensure they meet state and local codes and have a sound foundation prior to a sale.

Regardless of your interest and skill set, there is a job that’s suitable for you. Do some additional research by looking at some real estate job posts for the types of jobs in the real estate industry that are available. Then determine which positions speak to you the most.


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Determine Education and Types of Real Estate Licenses Required

Once you’re clear on which of the many real estate careers is right for you, you’ll want to determine the types of real estate licenses and education requirements. A property management career path and careers in title offices often require a business degree or prior experience coupled with a high school diploma or GED. Real estate agents, real estate brokers, and real estate inspectors all require state licensure.

Licensure requirements vary between states. Generally speaking, real estate agents are required to take a pre-licensure course prior to taking a state real estate licensing exam. Real estate brokers are required to pass a real estate broker exam. Brokers require more education and take on more responsibilities than a real estate agent. Real estate inspectors are required to take inspector education courses, which can easily be a minimum of 300 hours in some states, before passing a state inspector exam.


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Start Studying and Networking

It takes time and patience to break into real estate. Once you’re clear on the education and licensure requirements for your real estate job of choice, it’s time to start acquiring the education and training for the position, followed by taking any necessary licensure exams.

While you’re studying, consider joining professional industry organizations to begin networking with like-minded individuals. You can also see if there’s a local professional that will mentor you or allow you to shadow them to gain some insights into the industry and area of real estate you’ve chosen to pursue.


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Now that you know how to get into real estate, explore the real estate jobs on iHireRealEstate broken down by title and state to help you identify jobs of interest. With some patience and perseverance, you’ll land a real estate job to support your career goals.

By iHire | March 13, 2020
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