radiologic technologist preparing a patient for his procedure

What Traits to Look for When Hiring Radiologic Technologists

Hiring a radiologic technologist isn’t just about finding someone with the right education. After all, the individuals applying for this position will, hopefully by default, be equipped with the education and credentials required of the position, whether they are a radiologic technologist, radiation therapist, MRI technologist, or another level of specialty. Instead, consider other traits and skills to look for on a resume in order to get a real sense for who will be a good fit.


1. Integrity

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radiologic technologists can start out with an associate degree and climb to a bachelor’s degree or even to a doctorate over time. They can also specialize as a radiation therapist, MRI technologist, or something else within the field.

However, an education alone cannot teach your candidate the importance of being ethical in their work. These individuals are working with extremely sensitive material and should be aware of this fact, as well as offer the kind of care that is critical in their role. When looking at their resume, search for signs that integrity is important to your candidate, such as volunteer work and workplace or educational awards.


radiologic technologist performing a sonogram on a patient


2. Interpersonal Skills

One of the most important skills you should look for in a radiologic technologist is the ability to communicate comfortably with patients. This individual will be working with patients on a regular basis. They will need to be able to talk to diverse populations and help ease their fears, as the machines utilized in radiologic technology are sometimes large and frightening. In essence, the ability to communicate and be a calming influence on people are key to this position.


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3. Attention to Detail

Like with any position that requires the ability to perform and/or read medical tests, radiologic technologists must be shrewd observers, with a keen eye for detail. Pay close attention to the quality of your applicants’ resumes as well as how precisely they follow your application instructions as high-level indicators of their attention to detail.


4. Flexibility & Adaptability

Radiologic technologists of any educational level need to be flexible in their work and in their schedules. They could have to come in on a weekend or a holiday at the drop of a hat, depending on the scope of your practice. They should also be able to move from low- to high-stress situations and back again if it means they can save someone’s life.


radiologic technologist examining images on a computer


5. Desire for Ongoing Learning

For any radiologic technology role, your candidate will need to have not only the ability but the innate desire to continue learning. Even radiologists who have their medical degrees must be willing and able to continue their educations in order to stay at the top of their game. The technology utilized in this field is ever-changing, and you’ll want to see a desire to continue learning in your candidate’s resume.

By iHire | December 31, 2019