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Job Market 2018 Industry Recap & 2019 Outlook [INFOGRAPHIC]

The job numbers are in…

2018 brought record job growth, as U.S. unemployment dropped to 3.9% and wages rose 3.1%. But how many job openings did 2018 really bring? Which career titles and skill sets were in top demand? And, what does 2019 have in store?

To answer these pressing questions and more, we compiled our first-ever U.S. Job Industry Recap and Outlook Report. Drawing from our extensive database of employers and job seekers across our 56 industry-specific talent communities, we painted a picture of the impressive 35 million job openings promoted in 2018.

For a snapshot of 2018 job growth statistics, and a few predictions to accompany our new year’s resolutions for job seekers, check out our infographic below. You can also download our full report for a closer look at 2018’s job openings.

Job market infographic

By Kristina Kelly, iHire | January 17, 2019