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Employer Branding for Law Firms: How Your Practice Can Build a Strong Employer Brand

Your law firm needs to attract – and retain – top talent. The secret? A strong employer branding strategy.

To truly bring in the best of the best, your law firm needs a definitive brand that sets it apart from the competition. Elements of that brand could include a great work/life balance, career development opportunities, and a supportive and forward-thinking culture.

However, 39.1% of companies who responded to iHire’s 2019 Employer Branding Pulse Survey admitted to having no employer branding strategy. Yet, a strong branding strategy increases staff retention and cuts down on costs related to hiring and onboarding. Here are a few considerations for how your practice can build a strong employer brand.

Promote “Culture” Perks

An attractive salary and benefits package are important. But increasingly, millennials – who make up 25% of the workforce – are pushing for other nontraditional benefits. Specifically, they’re looking for firms that offer flexible scheduling options and opportunities for professional and personal development (which they value above financial reward, according to PWC’s Millennials at Work study). Include these details in your job descriptions and highlight them on your website to build an employer brand that attracts the right talent.

Gather Input from Your Staff

Your current team is the best mouthpiece for your employer brand. That’s why it’s critical to make sure they have a positive outlook on your workplace, company culture, and management.

Consider conducting an anonymous employee survey, where you can ask questions such as what’s working and what’s not, what employees need from you, and what they would like to see done differently. The survey responses will give you a starting point to determine what needs to be changed to promote a positive culture and brand. If the input is useful, consider incorporating surveys every month to gauge ongoing feedback.

Ramp Up Communication

Transparent and frequent communication will keep your employees engaged, which promotes employer brand advocacy. To this end, communicate as often as possible — whether through departmental and individual meetings, regular check-ins, team huddles, emails, and texts.

If you haven’t been sharing your firm’s mission and values on a regular basis, now is the time to start. Your employees should be aware of your organization’s plans for the future, as well as how your firm values its staff and their growth potential.

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Tap Current Employees in Your Branding Efforts

If employees feel invested in your firm, they will be more likely to stick around. Ask employees to share their stories about working for you, either on social media or on your blog (if you have one). Another idea is to create a “Meet the Team” video, which can introduce the unique personalities of your staff and showcase your authentic culture.


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Use Social Media

Social media can be an excellent tool to showcase the more human side of your attorneys and legal staff. Use your social media platforms to show photos of events behind the scenes, such as employees enjoying a potluck lunch or virtual happy hour. Spotlight one employee every week or so, sharing their background and favorite food, TV show, and so on. Putting the focus on the unique employees and their interests inside and outside of work, as well as your unique and dynamic culture, can help you build a strong employer brand.


Aim for Consistent Messaging Across Platforms

Your website, social media channels, and correspondence with staff should all reflect your employer brand in a consistent voice. That voice can reflect your status as a respected legal practice, as well as a firm that offers an exciting culture and a healthy work/life balance.


Employer branding for law firms can help attract top candidates. When you’re ready to find your next attorney, paralegal, or receptionist, start your search on iHireLegal.

By iHire | February 20, 2021