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Business Spotlight - Wellpath

With 17,000 clinicians and professionals in 36 states across the U.S. and Australia, Wellpath delivers localized, high-quality, compassionate medical and behavioral healthcare services to over 300,000 patients. Clients are located in inpatient and residential treatment facilities, civil commitment centers, and local, state, and federal correctional facilities.

To reach qualified, industry-focused job seekers, Wellpath recently began using iHire’s Job Wrap solution, which automatically captures and shares hundreds of Wellpath’s openings to the appropriate iHire talent communities including iHireNursing, iHireMentalHealth, iHireSocialServices, and iHireHealthcareAdmin. Wellpath is also leveraging iHire’s Resume Search database to proactively source career-driven candidates.

For this edition of iHire’s Business Spotlight, we spoke with Tiffany Whaley, Director, Talent Acquisition Marketing, at Wellpath, to learn more about the organization’s hiring goals and workplace culture.


iHire: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Tiffany! Can you tell our job seekers why Wellpath is a great place to work?

TW: Everything we do is about taking care of people – our patients, our staff, and our partners. We are committed to making a difference by providing hope and healing to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments. Our talented, compassionate team thrives in an autonomous environment, is empowered and supported by education, training, and the resources to practice healthcare the way it is meant to be and strives to “Always Do The Right Thing!”


iHire: What is your role in Wellpath’s recruiting process?  

TW: In my role, my primary responsibility is to manage the intersection between talent acquisition and marketing to position Wellpath as an employer of choice. I use marketing strategies to promote the value of working for our company while ensuring that our ideal candidate is aware of our career opportunities. I am dedicated to lead generation, reputation management, social engagement, and the candidate experience.


iHire: What do you consider to be your biggest hiring challenges?  

TW: The healthcare industry is unique, and the correctional environment in which we practice healthcare is even more unique. It is imperative that we define the narrative and aptly tell the Wellpath story and dispel potential negative beliefs of working in the correctional environment.


iHire: How do you hope iHire will help you with those challenges? 

TW: It is the goal that iHire will help us source and connect with talent in niche professional areas where there is a shortage of candidates.


iHire: Lastly, what advice would you give to other talent acquisition professionals looking to find the right candidates?

TW: When looking for the right candidate, it is important to:

1.) Have an understanding of the profile of the successful talent in your company.

2.) Be able to communicate your Employer Value Proposition (EVP).

3.) Employ a dynamic marketing mix that reaches your target where they are with appealing messaging.

4.) Ensure a great candidate experience from attraction to hire.


If you’re a job seeker interested in learning more about Wellpath’s careers, check out the organization’s current job openings.

By iHire | December 03, 2020