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“To provide a learning environment that is safe, enjoyable, interesting and peaceful for all children, their families and community.”


We believe in our curriculum, each child develops according to age and capacity, having the freedom to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually without any pressure. We also believe children learn best when rules and limits are clear and consistent. Most importantly, we believe that children learn best by staff members who create an atmosphere that’s loving, warm, caring and friendly by which all children feel accepted, safe and a part of 1st Class Learning Center.

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2 Year Old Teacher

FUNCTION: To enhance the quality of life for children and their families through provision of child development and family support services. To build and enhance a productive relationship with children, families and co-workers. GENERAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Teacher will always conduct him/herself in a professional manner at all times. 3. Keep and maintain open lines of communication at all times in a honest, respectful manner on an ongoing basis with co-workers, director, parent, child or relevant participants, program and employment issues. 4. Reference, understand and follow all applicable Center policies related to this position. 5. Arrive at work promptly. Work assigned schedules and work as a member of the team in order to assure positive outcomes for the children and their families. 6. Complete work on a timely manner assuring deadlines are met and work is completed by designated time. 7. Accept supervisory guidance and direction and use feedback constructively. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Support children’s development of skills, self-esteem and positive relationships. 1. Provide consistent supervision and routine care for children assigned, assuring each child safety is first, along with care giving to maintain needs of children efficiently and effectively. 2. Interact with each child individually at every opportunity, using appropriate eye contact, physical affection and verbalization to simulate the child and build a trusting relationship. 3. Enhance children’s strengths, interests and “right choice-making abilities by supporting child- 4. Assist in facilitating group play activities to promote skills in the areas of cognitive, gross/fine motor skills, communication, social/emotional and self-help. 5. Model, facilitate and support positive interactions and social skills. 7. Observe children’s behavior and development on a continuous basis, responding to indicators of illness, injury and sharing observations with parents and teachers. 8. Design and modify indoor and outdoor environments to promote optimal health and safety, and to offer continuous challenges using developmentally appropriate equipment and materials.  Support parent-child relationships and families child-rearing efforts. 14. In collaboration with the family, complete an initial family portrait and parent inventory to determine each individual family’s priorities, expectations, needs and desires. 15. Communicate with parents/families on a routine basis regarding the child’s behavior, health, emotional states and development level. 16. Provide general parenting and child development materials and specifically requested information to families. 17. Facilitate a parent-teacher meeting on an as-needed basis with the Director present. 18. Respond to parent concerns in a timely manner and forward any concerns to the Director for approval.  Assess children’s development, behavior, growth, health and emotional well being on an ongoing basis. 1. Conduct and document physical development, vision, hearing on an on-going basis and report progress, injury or illness to parent. 2. Complete incident reports, when necessary, regardless of severity of incident.  Complete required classes as mandated by child care licensing. 1. Attend and complete 45-hour level course within 90 days of employment. 2. Complete 24 hours annually of child care classes. 3. Attend workshops, staff meetings, center activities. 4. Semester transcripts for those employees who are enrolled in an accredited college pertaining to early childhood education or related field. These credits may be used in lieu of 24- hour childcare classes.  Support extra curricular activities at center (community involvement) in support of other teacher’s children and to relay to the families at your center that each child is important to every teacher. This gives parents and teachers an opportunity to introduce one another in an effort to form a closer bond with each other. 1. Teachers will be required to provide and participate in at least three family involvement activities annually, even if it is not your classroom. 2. Teachers will be required to volunteer (a minimum of) eight hours once a year with any non-profit organization (please see director for list of acceptable community service organizations). Examples: Road Runner Food Bank, Good Will, Boys Club, YWCA, Joy Junction, Retirement Homes (reading to elderly). CLASS ROOM RULES AND RESPONSIBILITIES  Listen attentively to each child and respond accordingly with care and respect, knowing that each child needs us. 1. Maintain cleanliness of classroom at all times. 2. Sanitize mats or cots daily. 3. Vacuum or sweep and mop classroom before departing for the day. 4. Sort area with appropriate bins, puzzles, etc., and place where they belong. 5. At end of week, ensure parents receive their child’s pillow and blanket for washing. 6. Use naptime to prepare for the following day or that afternoon. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS 1. Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older or must present a working permit. 2. Must agree to participate and obtain the State requirement of 24 hour training. 3. Interest in and desire to work with children in an inclusive setting. 4. Ability to plan work and to communicate effectively, orally and in writing.

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