The State of Online Recruiting 2019




We hear it every day: employers struggle to find qualified talent and job seekers have difficulty finding meaningful work. So, how can these two groups better connect? Moreover, how can they best leverage today’s online recruiting tools to simplify their search?

For first-hand insight, we surveyed 1,650+ U.S. employers and job seekers across 50+ industries. Along with recommended strategies for bridging the gap between these two segments, our survey findings are detailed in our inaugural “The State of Online Recruiting” report.

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  • What online recruiting challenges are keeping employers and job seekers up at night?
  • Why are more than half of employers unable to find relevant and qualified applicants?
  • Which job boards and online resources are employers using to reach top talent?
  • Which job boards and online resources are job seekers using to search for opportunities?
  • What information in a job ad is most valuable to candidates?


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