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Human Resources Services & Consulting

Manage Your People. Elevate Your Culture.
Maintain Compliance. Grow Your Business.

With 20+ years of experience in recruitment, iHire delivers fully customized, people-centric HR services and solutions. Partner with our team of trusted, certified HR outsourcing experts to develop and promote an organizational culture that aligns workplace best practices with your company goals.


Whether you’re outsourcing recruitment, your entire HR strategy, or a one-time project, iHire’s HR Services & Consulting is your go-to HR support center:

  • Save time juggling HR tasks while you focus on running your business
  • Simplify HR compliance
  • Increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention
  • Strengthen your employer brand and commitment to building an inspiring workplace culture
  • Establish peace of mind that your people are in good hands

Leave the Heavy HR Lifting to Us.

Find out how partnering with iHire’s HR outsourcing and HR consulting services can help your people, your workplace culture, and your organization grow.

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How Can iHire's HR Consulting Help You?
Attracting & Onboarding Talent
Recruitment & Hiring Services: Outsourcing recruitment means finding the right hires – faster. Let us handle candidate screening, interview question development, background investigations, reference checks, offer letter writing, and more.
Job Description Development: Make sure your job descriptions reflect the work performed by employees, align with management goals, and comply with federal and state requirements.
Compensation Strategy and Guidance: Verify that your compensation practices are compliant, competitive, and follow industry best practices; get expert guidance on reward and incentive programs.
Motivating & Retaining Employees
Performance Management & Appraisals: Inspire and engage staff with our assistance in designing, implementing, and communicating performance management and appraisal best practices tailored to your business needs.
Training: Invest in your people with our training programs, covering topics like goal setting, becoming the boss, sexual harassment training, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, and how to hire.
Employee & Corporate Communication Services: Obtain assistance facilitating focus groups and communicating matters that impact your people (such as layoffs, benefits, and compensation strategy).
Simplifying Compliance & Streamlining Policies
HR Audits: Get expert eyes on all aspects of your HR practices, including employment files, records, and other systems, to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements.
Employment Handbooks & Policy Development: Accelerate your HR strategy and stay compliant with guidance on family-friendly policies, telework/flexible work arrangements, time-off programs, and more.
Termination Services: Navigate the difficult process of terminations and/or layoffs with expert HR and communications support.
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Looking for fully custom HR services for small businesses? Don’t have a dedicated HR expert on staff?

Find out if our On-Call HR Advice & Consultation Service is right for you.

Businesses Across 57 Industries Partner With iHire’s Human Resources Services & Consulting Experts.
  • National 4-H Council
  • D+R International
  • ywca
  • groundswell international
  • American Astronomical Society
  • Authentic
  • MAIG

Learn more about HR Services & Consulting

Find out how partnering with iHire’s HR outsourcing and HR consulting services can help your people, your workplace culture, and your organization grow.