New Grad Optometry Resume Template [Free Download]

By Freddie Rohner, iHire | March 22, 2018
For new grads, writing an optometrist resume can be difficult, but this free template can help!

Writing an effective optometry resume is not a whole lot different from any other field. However, for recent graduates without much experience, preparing your first optometrist resume can be intimidating. That’s why we put together this free resume template for the new grad in optometry.

Check out some of our pro tips below and use the optometry resume format download to create an interview-winning document and get your career off to a great start!


Pro Tip #1 – The Summary Paragraph:

Use the summary paragraph to succinctly highlight the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have to offer a potential employer. Make sure you mention both soft and hard skills in this highly visible section of the resume.


Pro Tip #2 – The Core Competencies Section:

This section immediately follows the summary paragraph and should supplement it by listing 8–12 additional areas of expertise.


Pro Tip #3 – The Experience Section:

For each position you’ve held (which probably won’t be many at this point in your career), include a short, 3–5 sentence description of your day-to-day responsibilities.


Pro Tip #4 – Bullets/Achievements:

Create a bulleted list of achievements below each job description paragraph to highlight your accomplishments in each role. This can be tough for new grads – to come up with achievements, think of how you helped your employer or increased your skills/expertise.

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